Call me cynical but…

Saturday, 12 February 2011

…if Egypt isn’t worse off in five years… I’ll, uh, be surprised.


Oh, well, as a good an excuse as any to trot out the master.

Hurrah for revolution and more cannon-shot!
A beggar upon horseback lashes a beggar on foot,
Hurrah for revolution and cannon come again!
The beggars have changed places but the lash goes on. WB Yeats

Nice that we can dispense with the cannons now and then, mostly, at least.

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Re: Call me cynical but…

there has been a lot of talking going round relating to the issue you are addressing here.. over the last few weeks in this town ..because i've mentioned before ..this town is the most mixed on the planet of people gathering from all over .. ./ ..but my wondering is .. from your second line .. with you being a master/ want to be . . .of a different sort data mining .. tell ..what does data mining netting hear ?

By shew on 13 February 2011 · 14:47

A is A

Re^2: Call me cynical but…

I think there might be some interesting work to do there but it wouldn’t be easy and ultimately… why bother? Humans haven’t changed in 50,000 years. They won’t be changing any time soon and it doesn’t take precognition to know what’s coming. Quite the opposite.

By A is A on 13 February 2011 · 18:00


Re^3: Call me cynical but…

what i was asking was very different than what you are giving in your answering the way you have .. .. i was asking about something to do with just that line ..that 2nd line .. separating it from what your write up was about .. in questioning what netting hears in it's data mining ways .. and ..i was questioning your !!! ... my questioning too odd i guess..

By shew on 13 February 2011 · 19:46

A is A

Re^4: Call me cynical but…

The ¡CAPS! was a joke on me and my importance in the grand scheme of things†. That the Internet could give an aerial intercourse what I think about Egypt or what might or might not surprise me.

By A is A on 13 February 2011 · 20:20


Re^5: Call me cynical but…

yes i knew that .. and i was taking that in another direction..

By shew on 13 February 2011 · 20:33