This week in the news #19

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Al Qaeda suspect admits organizing 9/11

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
The face of the world’s greatest terrorist mastermind!
U.S. officials have said Mohammed, arrested in Pakistan in March 2003 and handed over to U.S. custody, was the mastermind of the September 11, 2001, attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people, destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon. Reuters, Andrew Gray

So, let’s get this straight. We have been repeatedly caught red-handed, from actual blood in this case, torturing men; in at least one case, to death. We have had the dude in custody for four years. This is the first announcement of his guilt.

So, it seems the Fox Network’s premise that 24 hours is enough time to get in some righteous torturing and save America is in need of an adjustment. The revised title of the show to be 35,000. Early reviews have not been kind. Apparently it suffers from pacing problems and a lack of believable goodguys.

My osteopath IOZ, sums up–

It reads like a dispatch from the USSR. It reads like an East German party paper. Here is the thing about show trials: some of the tried are guilty of crimes. Some of them are terrorists, or violent revolutionaries, or foreign agents, or spies, or traitors. But the nature of the process is worse than any of their real or imagined crimes because it obviates guilt. It makes the judgement moot. It makes the finding and the confession irrelevant. Here is what we can say about the show trial of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed: Even if he were truly guilty of every item on the confession, he was not nor ever will be brought to justice. Simulation

Google to bolster privacy of online searchers

As long as they don’t hide the referring query I’m all for it.

US couples make beeline for 777 wedding date

I’m going to predict that this superstitious piece of numb-nuttery will result in a 7% higher than normal divorce rate for the couples involved.

Will Gonzales Fall For Attorney Firings?

Gutting the Bill of Rights and establishing doctrine to support torture aren’t enough to get you fired in the U.S.G. Round these parts you have to be involved in a wrongful termination.

And frankly, my dears, if he’s not going to receive a potassium chloride I.V., I don’t give a damn. What’s done is done. Canning this walking testimonial to the powers of Satan will not change a thing and can only serve to make a handful of Congressmen appear to be less vile for suggesting it.

FBI file links Kennedy to Monroe’s death

Just when I was about to suggest that Anna Nicole had nothing in common with the woman we get some heavily soiled sheets. Serial suicide attemptress? Where were the tabloids when we needed them?

Dangers for U.S. teens lurk in medicine cabinets

Dangers or Good Times if your old man is an M.D.

Dear ________,

This is how part of how I was able to suppress the urge to beat you into unconsciousness throughout the last semester of classes with you.

Don’t worry, dad. I looked up the LD50 on codeine in your PDR before going for a quarter dose of it.

N.M. man arrested on 28th DWI charge

And we’re back home. That is the New Mexico I know and love. Except for the arrest part. Normally he’d just get a warning because he’d either have been a judge or the cop would’ve been his primo.

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