At least she didn’t say “…the continent of Japan.”

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Universal health care except for the country of Africa

So, you’d think you could just post that and be done but how many of you don’t know why or are thinking Geeze! There’s like 3 countries in Africa! And North Korea and Turkmenistan have excellent government health care! Why it approaches that of Myanmar.

I was arguing about racism in the United States with some girl way back at uni. I was taking the con side: it’s not that bad at this point and it’s ridiculous to legislate against anyway. She was taking the pro position which concluded with: If the US could just be less racist; like Japan.

I didn’t even say a word then. I just walked away. It never occurred to me till just now to wonder if she thought she’d won the argument and I’d quit in a huff.

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