Bruce Sterling gets even mad

Friday, 16 March 2007

Someone has been Googling himself again. I do believe I touched a nerve last week with Take that, Bruce Sterling.

“There are 55 million blogs and some of them have got to be good,” Sterling said, during a speech here at the SXSW [Ed: South by Southwest, sort of, if you squint and pretend “x” is a word and “Southwest” is two] conference in reference to the slogan on blog search site “Well, no, actually. They don’t.”

“I don’t think there will be that many of them around in 10 years. I think they are a passing thing.”

Bruce Sterling gives blogs 10 years to live

I propose we dispose “It’s like shooting fish in a barrel” in favor of “It’s like shooting Bruce Sterling in the foot.” The first implies far too much effort. The second is more of a sit back and enjoy the show. If you can find it. It does seem to jump around the public access schedule.

Further let it be established that any and all “futurists” who fail see the future with any reliability or resolution be rechristened “Who?”

Bruce may next declare that teenage is a fad and celebrity will disappear as privacy and dignity become the major concerns of the human race. It would be nice if he could at least predict a nanoassembled chicken in every pot and an Orion slave girl in every rumpus room. One pines to enjoy the oracular ruse.

Incidentally, if you count non-commercial expression of personal ideas via government hardware for public consumption, I’ve been “blogging” for 23 years and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t doing anything new when I wrote notes to the class on the blackboard every morning before the teacher appeared.

See also, Blog threat levels.

Don’t forget to pick up one of Brucey Bruce’s books so you can be counted among the enlightened anti-Luddite masturbarati. Sedition·com recommends–

Jizmatrix Maxx

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Bruce Sterling

The author of Neurodrivicon, Snow Count Interrupt, and Dude, Who Moved My Future.

Jizmatrix Maxx

“A brave new world of unfettered love and farm animals” – Sedition·com

You know… I’d never seen a picture of him till I did this and looked it up. Now I feel like a bully.

…Oh, I am one of the noticeable ones, notice me…

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