Dear pharmacy tech…

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dear pharmacy tech who just tried to steer me to the $18 a box antihistamine or the diphenhydramine on the shelf next to it–

Zyrtec® and Claritin® have an efficacy barely greater than placebo and I happen to be in the 40% of EVERYONE THE SHIT JUST DON’T WORK ON. Also, while diphenhydramine does work well for me, I got 4 hours of sleep last night due to a bad schedule and a sleepless 3 year-old. Again. I’m actively trying to avoid a fucking nap at my desk. I’ll thank you to fetch my fucking generic pseudoephedrine by the time I sign the continuing adventures of travesty bill: Patriot Act®.

Also, I know I have long hair but do I look like I fucking do, or cook, meth? Jesus. I’m a software developer. I make just as much money, I don't risk blowing myself up, and I get to keep my perfect teeth. Check it out – :D

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