Sharp-shinned hawk

Sunday, 18 March 2007

She’s (guessing female because it’s a big bird) been skitting between trees all week, only offering brief glimpses and just enough gestalt to be sure of what it was. She was out in the open all day yesterday—not shy at all, just looking down at me while I took pictures—which probably means she had a good meal. The piles of feathers I find under trees are usually robin and chickadee but they sometimes get bigger birds like flickers. I wonder if it’s the same bird that came around a lot last spring. Check out the talon hanging over the branch.

Sharp-shinned hawk

A few years ago there was a large white raptor in the next tree over. It was probably a goshawk but it was nearly pure white and I really hope it was a gyrfalcon. They are exceptionally rare around here. Saw a merlin the next year, almost entirely black. Still haven’t learned my lesson about taking a camera every time I go out. Two bald eagles and a red-tailed hawk went right over the house yesterday while I was doing yard work. For old times sake, this is the yard.

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