Chatville #1

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

me: So, in the middle of a downmerge I get:

[code output redacted]

Should I wait and watch ________’s process and then continue?

Or quit and try again?

______: i’d wait

me: Then so shall I.

______: you could just go ahead anyway
they’ll just both take much longer :)

me: How safe?

______: just give it a few mins and continue

me: Oh, his pid just went away.

______: but 750 was such a nice round number

me: And it was ticket 2775 that did it… so many 75s…
Also, Ilsad fjl;sakd f;lasjk fdsadf

I’m’a go give blood I think… ’cause I’m having trouble thinking.
Less blood should help.

______: yay caffeinated blood banks!

me: I like to imagine my blood making the recipient just slightly stranger.

______: you ever get that feeling you just want someone to put you up on a meat hook and leave you in the freezer?

me: ¡Zoinks!
Uh, …similar? but different? You ever get the feeling you’re actually more closely related to insects than humans and that humans are physically… REALLY STRANGE!
I don’t.

Would you try to stop me if I were beating Cory Doctorow?

______: who?

me: Yay!
That’s all I wanted to hear.

______: hehe

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