Fuck the troops

Monday, 12 June 2006

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When you say, “Support the troops,” what you really mean is “Don’t criticize this war.” When you say, “Don’t criticize this war,” what you’re really saying is, “Fuck the troops.”

I’m an American. I love my country and want the best for its future because it’s my future, my family’s. There is no other country quite the same nor as free though I don’t think it’s nearly free enough but that’s a cat for another skinning.

The troops are not protecting me, my family, or my country. Iraq was no threat to the US. The President, his puppeteers, and a chorus of sycophants filtered, distorted, and manipulated the information at hand to suggest otherwise. It was lies. You heard half of them yourself. The whole incident, the whole cabal, will be remembered as a horrifying joke. Historians will run races against James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce, and George W Bush to select the worst US President in history.

The troops are not eliminating terrorism. They are spawning it. Massive amounts of it. There were no terrorists to speak of in Iraq before the war. It’s now a breeding ground for it. Just like Afghanistan was when Russia invaded there in 1979 and the CIA propped up freedom fighters. One you know by name: Osama bin Laden.1

The troops are hurting me. They’re taking my tax dollars to live 6,000 miles away and expend expensive ordnance. They’re making it unsafe for me to lay my American passport down when I travel in places like Indonesia or Africa. They’re teaching the world that American soldiers can shoot an unarmed, wounded man to death on camera and it’s not a crime. They’re implying to the world that I somehow support that instead of lynching the morons who get away with it.

The troops are hurting Iraq. Hussein was a beast but he was, of late, a stable and relatively innocuous one. The Baghdad morgue is taking in more than 1,000 murder victims a month and the number has been steadily rising since the war started. It’s also a minimum because many murders go unreported and unrecognized. This is a single city in Iraq where 20,000 civilians will be murdered this year. It will be called civil unrest but 20,000 dead in one city is a combination of anarchy and civil war. In New York City, 1.6 times more populous than Baghdad, there will be around 600 murders this year.

The troops are decent men killing innocent people because the situation backs them into corners they can shoot through but can’t see around. They’re getting hammered with things that cause post traumatic stress in strong men. As the news from Abu Ghraib, Ishaqi, Haditha, and even the American soil of Guantanamo Bay suggests, they’re being turned into monsters by these forced situations.

Far above reasonable averages, they’re coming home to divorces. They’re coming home unemployable, unable to function in normal society; damaged goods, psychological splatter damage. They’re coming home to kill their wives. They’re coming home to kill themselves. They’re even coming home with the potential to be the exact thing they’re supposedly stopping, the worst single terrorist we’ve had.

The price you think the war is exacting on them isn’t just a couple of body bags stuffed in flag-wrapped oak boxes a day. The price of this is a book of blank checks without so much as an expiration date. Stop signing them.

Support the troops? Bring them the fuck home and give everyone who wants it an honorable discharge so they can get back to taking care of America in person. Then everyone here could support them in ways that aren’t a twisted piece of jingoism tied to bumpers with yellow ribbons.

[temporary update: 2 December 2007]

Got a flood of new comments. Some did not approve in the time limit. I manually approved many a bit later than they were written.

I would also like to take the chance to remind everyone that we will have a new Chief Executive soon. Of all those running there are only four—Dodd, Gravel, Kucinich, and Paul—who are talking directly about getting out of Iraq and not getting into Iran. Ron Paul in particular has stirred up a surprising amount of support.

Anyone reading this who is serious about getting out of the war game for at least a few years, please, you must vote for one of those men. If you do not, the next round of broken servicemen plus 1,000,000 foreign dead and 5,000,000 refugees are on your head.

Clinton, Giuliani, Obama, and the others will continue Iraq given the chance—they most all voted for it and continue to fund it including building a huge, permanent, fortified embassy there right now—and are likely to let it jump off on Iran.

Ron Paul would beat Hillary Clinton in an election. You know it’s true. That 10% block of voters who won’t vote lesser evil are going to him (or Kucinich or nowhere).

To get something different, you have to act differently. Please. Think about it. Ron Paul can win. We can put an end to this.

1 Update, 21 December 2007: There is apparently no consensus or paper trail linking bin Laden with CIA money. With the CIA’s penchant for falsifying, hiding, and destroying evidence this is not entirely convincing but burden of proof is what it is and it ain’t there. He was in Afghanistan fighting Soviets at the time we were pouring money and weapons into Afghanistan. So, at the least, we were implicit allies.

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Sgt Ben Rexroad

Re: Fuck the troops

fuck the troops, huh? well, you are welcome. i say you are welcome because what you have just done is express your own opinion. the reason you are able to express your opinion whenever you want is BECAUSE of soldiers. sitting in your attic, watching the news, sipping your mocha with light cream, and hating the government is hardly going to solve anything. instead of bitching about all of the mistakes that have been made (and there were plenty, i admit), perhaps you should stop being such a coward and join something that could make a difference. hundreds of thousands of soldiers have died for you to have the ability to print your holier than thou bullshit, perhaps you should be thanking someone instead.

go fuck yourself

Sgt Ben Rexroad US Army

By Sgt Ben Rexroad on 30 April 2007 · 18:07

A is A

Re: Fuck the troops

Sgt Rexroad,

The post says that “Don’t criticize the war” and “fuck the troops” are one in the same. In other words, “Don’t fuck the troops — bring them home where they belong and can live happy, normal lives because there was never anything worth a single American life in Iraq.” That is the opinion to which you responded.

I thank the revolutionaries who died to create America every damn day. They were fighting against a government which has more in common with ours today than it ever has in history. I even thanked my grandfathers for WW II, which they both survived in the Air Force. I considered going that route. I had a cousin in Iraq. I’m thankful only that he’s home alive and in one piece.

The government is not the military and the military should not be punished—hammered in this case—for the mistakes of a bunch of actual cowards. That’s the message. And I do make a difference with it if it helps get the US out of that bullshit quick enough to save even one soldier from eating another IED or sniper round just to make Karl Rove feel like a man.

By A is A on 30 April 2007 · 22:34


Re^2: Fuck the troops

Sgt Ben: Personally, I respect what soldiers do because they're sent to do a job and they do it better than anyone else. Unfortunately, THIS particular job is not doing America any good--that's not the soldier's fault, that responsibility sits with the commander-in-chief. This post may have been "enabled" by soldiers in WW2, but fighting in Iraq is most certainly not a life or death situation for the U.S. mainland.

Drop the soldier-worshiping rhetoric and think!

By Souldrift on 2 December 2007 · 06:15


Re^2: Fuck the troops

To Sgt. Rexroad, US Army,

It takes a limited mentality to believe that the only way to "stop being such a coward and join something that could make a difference" is to enlist.

You yourself has said it..."hundreds of thousands of soldiers have died for you to have the ability to print your holier than thou bullshit."

How in God's name is our occupation of Iraq providing this, when in fact, our civil liberties have been dramatically reduced since? Or, to put it more bluntly, what are we getting out of it?

To support the troops is to realize that they are some of the most courageous and honorable men and women America has to offer. So why throw these pearls before swine? Why waste our precious few on causes that simply aren't worth it?

Because you're following orders? It is not to desecrate those who follow orders to insist that the cause is wrong; it is, instead, to realize that the orders themselves are wrong; it is to strive to change the orders.

By nagarjunary on 2 December 2007 · 13:12

Bill Buffett

Re^2: Fuck the troops

Dear Sgt.,

I'd really like to communicate with you, something that's very hard to do with people you disagree with. I realize we can't pull out of Iraq tomorrow, but I sure am against our being there, therefore I support anyone who wants us out, all of us knowing that it can't happen in weeks or months.I support the Iraqi Veterans Against the War, and also donate to the Wounded Veterans Association. I've been to two anti-war marches in Washington. What do you think of guys like me who are against the war?



By Bill Buffett on 2 December 2007 · 13:15

Rick Dragos

Re^2: Fuck the troops

U.S. Marine Corp General Smedley Butler wrote a short book titled "War is a Racket" promoted by propaganda and results in murdering on behalf of elitist and corporate interest not to defend freedom since during wars we lose freedoms and never get them back. This illegal mercenary occupation in Iraq is not for my freedom!!! Rather just read the Military commission Act or the patriot act or any number of executive orders which now give this government the power of a dictatorship, spying on us, arresting us with the power to send us off to a hole in the ground for torture, militarized the police, allowed for the creation of a para militarily, legalized torture...the list goes on so I say the enemy is not overseas, rather the enemy is this tyranny which has hijacked our constitution and we have no peoples military to protect us from them for they too have been recruited to represent the federal government. A final thought for the "support the troop" ribbon nationalist, since 1991 out of 550,000 troops close to 400,000 are on permanent disability and financially destroyed, their health is shot and close to 20,000 have already died all as a result of using depleted uranium (DU) for ammunition which results in all types of cancers, birth defects, and eventually death. This government knowingly denies DU is a killer and offerers no medical help for the vets. Who in their right mind would fight for a government which does not give a shit about you. Our fight is right here as Thomas Paine proclaimed "A true patriot is one who defends their country against their government" Think about it.

By Rick Dragos on 2 December 2007 · 16:19

Dave Spankston

Re^2: Fuck the troops

Sgt. Rexroad. Please stop dying for me. I'm good.


Dave Spankston

By Dave Spankston on 2 December 2007 · 16:38

Patrick Sovereign

Re^2: Fuck the troops

The only thing the troops protect is our Governments belligerent foreign and domestic policies.

The moment the Government decided to declare Martial Law the supposedly freedom loving troops would be doing the Governments bidding (as they are now and have always been doing) and put a bullet in the back of the heads of anyone who resisted.

Some freedom being protected.

By Patrick Sovereign on 1 February 2008 · 20:18


Re^2: Fuck the troops


By truthbetold on 9 June 2008 · 08:44


Re^2: Fuck the troops

Since 1890 the US has been involved in 163 different conflicts, not one of them has "protected my freedoms" because I guarantee you I can go over to 40 other countries and find the same freedoms, if not more, so don't think your so special because you signed a contract to kill people, your going to hell.

By JackR on 20 August 2008 · 21:53

Richard Neva

Re^2: Fuck the troops

To all the gung ho Sgts. that responded: too bad you did not get fragged!

By Richard Neva on 4 January 2009 · 18:45


Re: Fuck the troops (well go fuck yourself !!)

God, you have one fucked up perspective on the whole purpose of the war. The reason people like you do not understand or comprehend why this great nation is at war is because your head is so far up your own ass with your liberal ways that you refuse to take a logical stance and form your opinion around the big picture.

There was, and still is, a huge terrorist problem in Iraq. You can bitch and moan all you want, but in reality Iraq supported the anti-American terrorist organizations. I believe that the whole 9/11/2001 incident can testify to the potency of that support.

As for Bush, people can hate him, talk shit about him, say he is "the worst President in History," and go on and on and on. But as your saying that, don't forget how much he has done for this country. He has served the office with honor and integrity by not being a piss ass shove over. He has restored the respect and the importance to the Presidential office that was lost in the wake of Clinton's foolishness. Sure he has made some mistakes, but I challenge you to ask yourself if you really think there is a single man that has ever lived who could hold that sacred office with an untarnished record for eight years.

If you don't understand or comprehend what I have tried to convey in the message, then there is truly no hope for you. You lack the mental capacity and the moral integrity to wrap your mind around the sacrifices and formalities that are involved in making America "one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

By CTB on 13 June 2007 · 10:33

A is A

Scared stupid

There was, and still is, a huge terrorist problem in Iraq. You can bitch and moan all you want, but in reality Iraq supported the anti-American terrorist organizations. I believe that the whole 9/11/2001 incident can testify to the potency of that support.

There was no terrorism in Iraq prior to removing Hussein. One need not ask you for evidence to the contrary because there is none. Even Bush and his office now admit this. The hijackers, and the boosters and moneymen, were mostly Saudi and not one was Iraqi or had any direct connection to Iraq. Saudi Arabia was not punished because its government, not even remotely Christian, nor a democracy, nor free, is friendly to the US and not by accident to Bush and Cheney personally. [11 September 2001 on Wikipedia.]

Worldwide terrorism has increased sevenfold since the Iraq war started. Evidence the war isn’t even doing what you think it is. The war has so far killed ≈ 1,000 more Americans than Al Qaeda did; phsycially crippled 10,000 and mentally abused to the point of breaking thousands who come home, like war hero Timmy McVeigh, and take it out on friends, family, themselves, strangers, the next president.

If you don't understand or comprehend what I have tried to convey in the message, then there is truly no hope for you. You lack the mental capacity and the moral integrity to wrap your mind around the sacrifices and formalities…

Or maybe because you’re conveying an empty message prompted by a dearth of knowledge about the history of the US and the world at large. How does your mental capacity do with this very general quiz:

  • What was the first country to recognize the US?
  • How many American citizens did the US put into prison camps WW II?
  • How did Osama bin Laden become a populist hero to radical Moslems and what US agency helped him?
  • What is habeas corpus?
  • Is it legal—those silly formalities of which you accused others of being ignorant—to go to war without a declaration of war from the Congress?

If you were a regular reader of anything, including this site, you’d know those answers.

I keep wondering how on Earth people manage to continue to get behind this war nonsense. The only thing that makes sense is fear. You’re scared; “terrified,” I suppose is the right adjective. If you could snap out of that, you’d know that there is nothing in the world which represents a significant threat to America; excepting, of course, Americans who don’t know their history and are willing to burn the house down with the family in it just to kill a rat or two.

PS: Clinton was a terrible president and I've written it plenty.

By A is A on 13 June 2007 · 12:36


Speaking of RIF

Save your breath, Ash. Remember your Swift-

"It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into."

By God on 13 June 2007 · 12:45

David S

Re^2: Fuck the troops (well go fuck yourself !!)

Whoever wrote this is exactly the type of person this article was aimed towards.

I am a soldier, and I agree with this article.

We had no business going into Iraq and 9/11 is not an excuse. If I was face to face with you and you told me that 9/11 justifies our occupation of a sovereign nation that was not involved in 9/11, then I would have to educate you.

I bet you spent 10 bucks on a support the troops bumper sticker and wristband thinking you're making a difference. It didn't make a damn difference, did it.

Are we safer now than we were when Bush was not president? NO. We are hated around the world. There are more terrorists and potential terrorists than ever before.

Do we have the same rights that we had when Bush was not president? NO. We are now being watched and spied upon by our own government.

Do we have a national surplus, like we did when Bush was not president? NO. Much of that money went to fund the war, via corporations like Haliburton, Ratheon, Brown and Root, Blackwater, etc. The rest of it can be found in the pockets of the oil barons.

How can you say he is a great president then? What great things has he done other than be stubborn and immovable in his opinions? He is simply taking advantage of people like you.

Being patriotic is not following the president blindly. Being patriotic is about loving your country. Right now, it's really hard to love this country. I still do, but I encourage people to strive to make it back into something everyone can love. It is possible.

By David S on 1 December 2007 · 21:28


Re: Fuck the troops

> God, you have one fucked up perspective on the whole purpose of the war.

That is the best comment I've seen on your site EVER. Hell, on ANY site. Classic. You should frame that.

By jody on 13 June 2007 · 11:42

A is A

Re: Fuck the troops


By A is A on 13 June 2007 · 12:04


Re: Fuck the troops

Bad faith arguing against things you didn't say delivered with enough dudgeon to sink a ship. Ashley, I think you hit the trifecta with this post.

By Vagrant on 13 June 2007 · 14:45

A is A

Re: Fuck the troops

I love gambling metaphors.

Remind me to stay out of the casinos… casini? Oh, that’s completely different. Never mind.

By A is A on 13 June 2007 · 15:04

Shady Raptor

Re: Fuck the troops

I almost 100 percent agree with the post. Why?

In one response to this post someone said not to forget all the good things George Bush has done for this country. If you think that doing a few small good deeds recompenses for the blood that is shed day in and day out over in Iraq you need to stick you damn head in an oven. That man is a complete idiot. We need a leader. A leader is someone who knows exactly what to say to every response. We need a man who isnt worried about money but is worried about the betterment of our country here on these soils. We need a man who never stutters and knows exactly how to react to everything and never regrets a thing. Why do we need this? Because we are America. We are the greatest country in the world and with that we need the greatest leader. His father was a moron and so is he. What Bush is is a puppet. Do you all really think HE is running the show? He can hardly talk straight. The president we have is nothing more than a front, someone to take the damage for all the big money making assholes who run the show in the background. A true leader would take hold of the situation himself and gain the trust of the people. Power is in the people, not their governments. A true leader would have been wise and wouldnt have royaly fucked our beautiful country. We never had a right to be over there now we are knee fucking deep in terror and death. But you know what, it isnt all our governments fault. Its your fault America. Its my fault, your fault and everyones fault because we didnt think straight when 9/11 happened. We ran in there all gun hoe "yeah lets kill the rag heads" and lo and behold here we are almost 7 years later and we are still fucking over there with people dying everyday. And once the government saw that America was 110 percent behind them like trained dogs, they all sat back and laughed. America is the stupidest smart country in the world. We believe everything that come out of these politicians mouths and the funniest thing is that the number one rule EVER is that YOU NEVER FUCKING TRUST A POLITICIAN!!!!!

Look I love the fact that our troops are willing to fight for my freedom... but Sgt Rexroad, really... other than take out Saddam(causing complete disaster) what have we done in the past 7 years but run up gas prices? Listen when I can afford to fill up my gas tank and still be able to pay my rent... then ask me to be patriotic. Till then Fuck the war, fuck the government. I hope the troops survive, but really.. I seriously think that if we dont leave there soon.... there wont be any troops to come home. Of all people Seargent you should know that.

By Shady Raptor on 16 June 2007 · 22:09

Shady Raptor

Re: Fuck the troops

On one more note the troops in Iraq aren't fighting for our freedom. The troops are fighting for money. For the rich. You fucking people have the tenacity to say these troops are fighting for ME. No. I didnt ask them too, I don't benefit whatsoever from this war. I dont get money, gas or privileges from troops being in Iraq.The rich political, heartless, hellbound bastards "ordered" them to war. Thats who the troops are fighting for. In 2008 or 2009 I'll most likely get a draft notice in the mail, and you know what, I'm not going. I WILL go to prison if it keeps me from harming women and children. War is ordained by God but murder isn't.I will go to Australia or Sweden. I have no fear of death or getting shot its my morality that keeps my opinion this way. If there was a real threat I would be 100 percent behind this war. But there isn't. Saddam never planned on taking our rights away I'm sure. So you are apparently fighting a nonexistent army bent on taking away the American rights. Fighting for my freedom my ass. I sit in my attic and drink mocha with light cream wether troops are in Iraq or not.

By Shady Raptor on 17 June 2007 · 01:10


Re: Fuck the troops

Shady Raptor-

you fucking liberal cunt. if i didnt believe so much in freedom of speech i would tell you to shut up and get the hell out of this country that is so "royally fucked"

if this country is "royally fucked" it is because of people like you who dont have the balls to do anything about it.

you are a coward and a pathetic excuse for an American. War is ordained by God but murder isnt? What the hell do you think war is? People killing each other. Would you like for them to sit and have tea and just talk it out? Anyone who is not willing to fight for this country doesnt deserve to live here.

The most important man in my life is a United States Marine. He is currently over there murdering, torturing, and raping women and children, shooting anything that moves, and blowing stuff up just for the hell of it. Thats what he's doing isnt it?

He went once, and was so moved by what was going on over there that when he came home he volunteered to go back. He is more of a person than you will ever be.

I've only seen the pictures he's brought home, I've never seen it in person but I can tell you that you know NOTHING about what is going on over there. All you hear about is the death and destruction. Good for fucking you. you can watch CNN and be completely enlightened. I've seen his pictures of things that arent even allowed to be released to the media. I've listened to him go on and on about everything that he did to help, that that other soldiers and marines do everyday to help, but ignorant holier than thou people like you couldnt give a shit about it.

There is a threat. Our soldiers arent just in Iraq, but im sure you knew that one.

And as for your ignorant remarks about President Bush and the kind of leader we need....I'm still trying to figure out if you were joking. There will never be a president who never stutters, who knows exactly how to react and never regrets anything. Presidents arent superheroes, they're people. People make mistakes, and believe it or not sometimes people have to struggle to find the right words. I know thats hard for you to believe since you are perfect in ever shape and form.

i sincerely hope that you and I are never drafted together, because I do not want to stand next to someone as ignorant, ungrateful, and cowardly as you.

By Mandi on 10 October 2007 · 00:17


Re^3: Fuck the troops

So, what's the big threat? Massive weapons of destruction, Islamofascism, rogue evildoers with evilness on their minds? The shrieking, sanctimonious, bone ignorant hysteria of war supporters is more of a threat than any of those. You, Mandi, and the other hysterics pretty much guarantee that any real threat is going to be met with the least rational, least reasonable, least moral and ultimately least effective response.

I used to think you all were too damaged and neurotic to stop and think for a minute, but now I'm pretty sure you hate the country and want to feel good about yourselves while making things miserable for other people.

By Vagrant on 10 October 2007 · 23:28


Re^3: Fuck the troops

It's hilarious that you believe you can 'support freedom of speech' while simultaneously supporting this war and president.

By Nate on 2 December 2007 · 17:58

steve noname

Re^2: Fuck the troops

I agree with you 100%, I dont want you to goto jail for dodging tho, You can do stuff, to fail the physical, austrilia has come good beaches, or u can fake your death and live in the middle of no where.

you can take pills to raise your blood pressure, eat tin foil, sugar water, other ways.

Good luck,

By steve noname on 3 November 2008 · 17:04


Re: Fuck the troops

In response to Sgt. Ben Rexroad. Actually the armed forces, like the domestic police force, simply follow orders. It wasnn't the police or army who protected and expanded civil rights. It was the thousands of demonstrators and activists who had the courage to fight the system! Fourty hour workweeks and labor laws that protect childern and medicare..etc. did not come from the army or from the goodness of the corporations heart. But from average Americans willing to fight for what they belive. Yes the army protects our borders...but it is the citizens who protect our liberty...through unceasing vigliance!

By Markamann on 25 September 2007 · 13:10


Re: Fuck the troops

I am an American, honorably discharged veteran and I have no loyalty or love of my nation. If I would have known what a scum bag nation this is before I joined the service I certainly would not have served.
I pray against the troops, most of them, I urge people, from radical Islamists to Police, go kill Mr Bush and the rest of the leaders, then kill yourselves. I hate America it is a hypocrisy and evil wicked nation that dresses in other peoples uprightness and claims itself a queen but it sucks and it is a whore and it will be ripped up and divided by many nations in the wars comming here. Amen.

By I AM THE BEAST SSSOTLOHIEFMJN on 30 September 2007 · 06:48


Re^2: Fuck the troops

dude that was hot i came

By asbestosman on 11 March 2008 · 22:07


Re: Fuck the troops

You gotta know when to hold em and know when to fold em. There's a lot to be said for knowing when to cut your losses. I've never fought in a war and I know that I can't imagine what it's like. I do know the broken men and women it returns though (when it does).

I'm not against fighting a good fight and I give full honour and respect to all those that are out in the field. That being said, the decision to send them was not backed with fact. I was proud to be a Canadian when Chretien said he was not sending ground troops. I think that took more balls than going along with the game.

Tying a yellow ribbon to your antenna does not make you more right than me. I can't imagine how a human trained to kill and jumpy as hell might be expected to function normally when transplanted back into continental life. Leaders are just people but they are meant to be out best people. I hope that somewhere tonight a soldier has an uneventful night.

By KDS on 2 December 2007 · 01:56


Re: Fuck the troops

I know I joined the IOWA National Guard. Not the IRAQ National Guard.

Funny that my unit is over there right now doing border patrols for people who don't even WANT us there. When our own borders are unprotected. When Mr. Bush Jr. proposed cutting Homeland Security Funding... because it isn't 'working'.

I wanted to be a soldier from the time I was old enough to want a career. I was in JROTC before enlisting, I was on Color Guard. Even after Administrative Discharge (don't 'forget' any previous health conditions on your enlistment paperwork kiddies, no matter HOW much you want to be a soldier or what your recruiter suggests) I still fight for VA benefits, wage increases for enlisted troops and PROPER mental health benefits for Vets. Because I support our TROOPS.

We aren't fighting a War on Terror. You can't declare war on an ideology. WE are in this because of lies, and half truths... OH, wait! We didn't even DECLARE WAR! We aren't even IN A WAR. It wasn't declared, and ratified by Congress. We are just in an "military operation". So our troops are dying, and their families suffering, for an undeclared, unjust war.

How many have to die until we have 'supported our troops' enough?
1,000? 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000? Can we support them by not having them die for a war that wasn't even declared?

By MV on 2 December 2007 · 03:09

Jack Walsh

Re: Fuck the troops

lets get one thing straight here: expressing one's opinion and free speech is NOT thanks to American troops occupying Iraq. Iraq has never threatened the US in any way and has never had a problem with free speech. The right to freely express opinions is thanks to the Constitution, not military invasion of oil rich countries. The same Constitution that the people who started this war are trying to destroy.

the entire "the troops are over there so that you can be free over here" is a false fascist statement and only brainwashed sheep fall for it.

By Jack Walsh on 2 December 2007 · 05:44


Re: Fuck the troops

Your a smart man. I wish I could say the same for the rest of your countrymen.

By nige on 2 December 2007 · 05:51

Alex Rockwell

Re: Fuck the troops

"Anyone who is not willing to fight for this country doesnt deserve to live here."

Wow, I guess I don't deserve to live here, I suppose I'll just pack up my business and go. But please do tell, what will happen when we all decide to become Canadians, leaving you and the rest of the morons plaguing this country wondering why there are no basic services, stores, or future to enjoy?

Anyway, I agree with the article 100%, every time I see one of those pretentious bumper stickers I just cringe. The irony is those stickers are likely manufactured in Taiwan or China. So way to go dumbass hick soccer-mom, by slapping that crooked bumper sticker on your minivan, not only are you advocating additional U.S. soldier deaths for the wrong reasons, but you're weakening our economy at the same time.


By Alex Rockwell on 2 December 2007 · 06:56


Re: Fuck the troops

I've read these comments with interest. Its good to see Americans who know the score, who dont believe the bullshit mainstream corporate media which owns their thoughts. Its also sad to read the comments of the many dis-illusioned Americans who still believe they live in the land of the free, home of the brave. You see, America's greatest and most potent export is, and always has been, advertising. Marketing, the big sell, you guys have spawned some true masters of it - sadly, a lot of them have worked for or as politicians over the years. Karl Rove being a recent example. America, and its population, got sold - across the board - everything you believe to be true is false and vice-versa. Look at everything your government says in that way, and you will get a much clearer picture of reality.

Just like the German population prior to WWII, you guys thought you had it good, but as Fascism in Germany became more and more overt with every passing year, so it is in America. Seriously, all eyes in the world are on America now - and not for the reasons you think. We are all watching the show, the destruction of America, by a handful of people who are selling the American Dream off, bit by bit.

It doesnt matter that some who have left comments here dont get it yet, or blindly refuse the possibility because it would send their house of cards crashing down. What matters is that Facism in America is Alive and growing, and at this stage, with the coming economic collapse - brought about by this very war that is being discussed - its all over but for the crying. Its too late now, the process is irreversible. Forget your Congress, its been bought, forget the democratic party, they are just another side of the same coin. Its all down to you people, period. What the citizens of America DO in the next 12 months will decide the country's fate - and quite possibly the rest of the worlds'.

But seeing as you are all tied up with American Idol, Fox News and the other 500+ channels of opiates sent to you through your favourite masturbatory device, the TV, I for one dont hold much hope for "America" or our planet either. Peace.

By bill781 on 2 December 2007 · 06:56


Re: Fuck the troops

Reading some of the comments I can determine that America's propaganda machines, resulting in 'brainwashing', are functioning just as the elite class that owns the propaganda dissemination devices intended.

By Obbop on 2 December 2007 · 07:46

Archer Braun

Re: Fuck the troops

An excellent posting, well-reasoned and explained. The political leadership of this country has sold us out, and the cost has been a shredded constitution and the blood of young Americans. The collateral damage on the homefront of this specious "war on terror" will do nothing but grow - leaving in its wake thousands more shattered families and broken minds.
Everyone who supports this war on terror is a supporter of the continued useless sacrifice of our most precious national resource...our own American people.

By Archer Braun on 2 December 2007 · 07:53


Re: Fuck the troops

I'm not really sure what I like more--this article, or your well thought out responses to the comments posted. People who don't agree with this logic are truly ignorant because you really are speaking the truth. It's really a shame because our government is the one that contributed to them being that way. If only they could leave this country for a year or two they'd really learn something about the world as much as their homeland.

You're doing this country a service. Keep it up.


P.S. The US is absolutely not the most free country in the world. Europe, especially Scandinavia, puts us to shame. I'm writing this as an exchange student living in Denmark.

By NickB on 2 December 2007 · 08:12


Re^2: Fuck the troops

NickB posted...
P.S. The US is absolutely not the most free country in the world. Europe, especially Scandinavia, puts us to shame. I'm writing this as an exchange student living in Denmark.

FYI, people. Denmark is considered the happiest nation in the world. That's right. Number ONE. Sure they pay extremely high taxes, but their government takes CARE of them in return. They don't run off with the money and funnel it into a "war on terror" to increase the bank accounts of corrupt corporations and organizations. (Think of Blackwater.)

The OP is well written and well thought out. People can call the OPer a pussy, coward, etc, but it takes real balls to stand out against the "status quo."

Here's something that scares me; our government claims to be bringing democracy in Iraq. Okay. And guess where some of the money comes from to do it? COMMUNIST FUCKING CHINA!!! No Commie Cuban cigars for us, but most of the shit consumers now buy is Chinese. Do you guys see the hypocrisy in this? Or am I insane?

Call me a liberal all you want, but the troops need to come home instead of being supported by Communists to bring Democracy to a country that really had no sense of nationalism to begin with!

By Mary on 14 January 2008 · 19:26


Re: Fuck the troops

Isn't it amazing that you can sit down and write a logical, precise and in my opinion truly patriotic article such as the one you wrote above, and then the first thing you get back are idiotic, uneducated party propaganda talking points from 4 years ago? Obviously they never read the piece all the way through nor do they appear to know anything about the subject.

These are the same morons who always chant: "USA - Number 1" - and when you ask them what exactly we are number 1 at, they either list a bunch of things we were possibly number 1 at in the late fifties or else have no clue.

I severely doubt 'Sgt. Ben Rexroad' is really a soldier nor has he ever set foot in Iraq or any country abroad, or else he would be agreeing with you.

All of the fools who disagree with what you wrote need to get their lard asses off their fart-ridden computer chairs and head for the nearest recruiting station - right now. Move it. Move it. Move it.

By 18bravo on 2 December 2007 · 08:19


Re: Fuck the troops

holier than thou bullshit, perhaps you should be thanking someone instead.

go fuck yourself

Sgt Ben Rexroad US Army

By Sgt Ben Rexroad on 30 April 2007 � 18:07

Once a toad sucking REMF, always a toady toad sucker.

I took a hike from the Lifer Nest after six years. I was field talent and damn good at what I did in the military. I am sure Sgt "Kings Highway" was a rock steady NCO with the field manual tattooed to his chest. Good on him.

Rex don't forget who makes sure your check clears every month. It's me and millions of others of work-a-day grunts who don't draw a check, we make checks happen. Yours included. The money you get now from my sweat was and remains only a promise. Nothing was set aside in green or gold for you. You got a promise from the people, not Richard Nixon, not Ronald Reagan, not the Bush clan. You got it from my grandmother, my father, and me. Thanks for you help in getting that morning report out. You served, you were not made a saint or a sage. Your words prove it.

All this goes for any other REMF here who chose to toady the line and supported the Swifters - a product that picks up dirt.

You swore to protect and defend the Constitution and the people that that rag of paper protects. You chose to buy the bull shit from those so far right in the continuum that they are shaking hands with the Stalinist, Maoist and Pol Pots of the so called left. You are the left. The Neo party of administrative nationalist socialism.

Yes this is counter battery op.

Should you care to duel, I choose bicycles at 100 miles. The first one who suffers crotch collapse buys beer. I am only 63 so I will give you a head start.

Think man!

Lantern Bearer

By DiogeneseDog on 2 December 2007 · 10:35


Re: Fuck the troops

My love was in the army back in 2000. He loved it... then 911 happened and he got shipped out to Iraq six months later. He spent a year there, came back to the states, finished his tour and honorably discharged himself to go to school. I wish i could say that he is not a damaged person because of it.
My father served 30 years in the air force. He currently works for the air force as a civilian. He is a Desert Storm Vet. He loves his country. But oh does he hate Bush, this war, and seeing all the young people he works with getting shipped out and killed.
My brother is in the air national guard, my brother in law working for military survival school, and my other brother in law is an ex marine. None of them seem to agree with Bush or this war either.
So i *think* i'm okay agreeing with this article.

ps. I think Sgt Ben Rexroad missed the point of your first paragraph.

By Steph on 2 December 2007 · 14:05


Don't assume troops are your friends.

As the USA transitions into a police state (see evidence link below), let us not forget who it is that implements a police state. It's not just your local cops or neighborhood snitches, it's those troops you are talking about. They will do the same in the USA that they are doing in Iraq now if we don't stop this transition. Iraq is training for the US police state.


By Zack on 2 December 2007 · 17:50


Re: Fuck the troops

Seeing the political climate that keeps lopping off freedoms and civil rights; I think the troops should come home asap and defend their own country. I am NOT kidding!

By Bono on 7 December 2007 · 01:03


Re: Fuck the troops

I love how everyone who disagrees is called a liberal, as if it's a swear word. I am against the war and not liberal, and I am a veteran. I am not getting my ass out of the country because i disagree with twisted jingoism.

By Beanpole on 7 December 2007 · 20:18


Re: Fuck the troops

Wow I am glad to have found this article. I couldn't agree more with you. I work at a top university in the International Relations department. Every day I see professors who have served our country in every way from activist to life long military shake their heads in complete frustration of what is going on. I am very alarmed by the polarization I see in the returning vets: either they are militarized and truly brainwashed or they are disillusioned and bitter. It is pointless to debate the legitimacy of the war or whether or not Bush is a good President. You can find evidence to support the fact that this whole thing is a complete disaster on Fox News. If you are in the military and believe what you are doing is immoral, you should leave. You can. Look it up. If you think killing people who have not threatened us is Ok, I don't really feel that bad for you. And I don't drink lattes!

By Christine on 12 December 2007 · 13:48

Helen Tarnation

Re: Fuck the troops

Put simply, nurture social instincts for they are ALSO effective in ensuring human survival, gaining resources and territory. The war strategy is just one level, and we invest too much energy into it. Fossil fuels are a problematic source of energy because we can't just rebuild our entire economy from the ground up without great losses.
We're not getting much back from all the energy we're investing into Iraq though;so it might be time to try new strategies. Cut our losses and spend the rest of our borrowed money on new energy sources perhaps?
By now we expected to have much more control over the petrodollar than we do. Since we don't, these wars have become unsound investments economically. Our leaders continue to hope that Iraq will stabilize and conform enough to our scheme to make the whole venture worthwhile. The uncertainty in Iraq makes it very difficult to predict if this will ever happen.
The idea that we are 'helping' Iraq and Afghanistan be democracies is probably just Government Propaganda. In reality(I think), these wars used 9/11 as a pretext to gain further control over the petrodollar. It may not be as conspiratorial as it sounds though. All wars end up becoming struggles over resources because modern warfare relies on fossil fuels, so Iraq was the perfect conquest for our larger intentions for the Middle East.
However, by now, all the money and blood we've used for this purpose could have been better spent on developing alternative energy sources.
Unfortunately, we are now in a position where we can't easily pull ourselves out of Iraq and Afghanistan, even though our original purpose for Iraq at least has not crystallized. This is where Iraq is bleeding us dry. It is all too easy for opponents of the war to sabotage American plans for continued control over the petrodollar, yet we keep hoping that if we stay there long enough that eventually our investment will pay off.
There is not easy solution to this dilemma. It is a Gordian knot if you ask me. A global economy dependent on fossil fuels and major powers trying to control the currency used to exchange the most important commodity on earth. Is there any wonder why the US is willing to spend trillions ( eventually) on Iraq? If it was really over principalities, then we'd be in Africa spending trillions instead.
Protecting Israel may seem to be based on some religious philosophical ties between the US and Israel historically--which it is to some degree-- but Israel also is a very important ally in our economic plans for the global economy. Why else would the US, and the US taxpayer willing spend the amount of money we spend protecting Israel, and fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq?

By Helen Tarnation on 19 December 2007 · 12:31

A is A

Re^2: Fuck the troops

However, by now, all the money and blood we've used for this purpose could have been better spent on developing alternative energy sources.

The money would have been better spent on hookers and blow. At least there would be a couple of nostalgic Polaroids left over after that.

By A is A on 19 December 2007 · 14:35


Re: Fuck the troops

The Iraq war was planned (and the Iran--coming soon) by the neo-cons a long time ago...but a quote from the bible:What ye sow, so shall ye reap...read on below....

President Bush has expressed the opinion that suicide bombers are motivated by despair, neglect and poverty.

In 2005, 6,256 "American veterans" took their own lives. That same year, there were about 130 documented deaths of suicide bombers in Iraq. Do the math. That’s a ratio of 50-to-1. So who is it that is most effectively creating a culture of suicide and martyrdom? If George Bush is right, that it is despair, neglect and poverty that drive people to such acts, then isn’t it worth pointing out that the US Government is doing a far better job?

By iansko05 on 19 December 2007 · 13:00

A is A

Re^2: Fuck the troops

That is an excellent observation and one I make frequently. America is only being hurt by Americans. This is nothing new though so don’t attach any names to it. It’s not going to magically change if the Dems get in the Big House any more than it did when they took over the Congress.

By A is A on 19 December 2007 · 14:38

Shannon Thames

Re: Fuck the troops

Wow, I really do love my fellow American Revolutionaries! Troops included.

Thank you,

(missing my baby brother in Iraq)

By Shannon Thames on 8 March 2008 · 14:53

Chris mankey

Re: Fuck the troops

"The most important man in my life is a United States Marine. He is currently over there murdering, torturing, and raping women and children, shooting anything that moves, and blowing stuff up just for the hell of it. Thats what he's doing isnt it?"

Probably. if he's anything like you. You hysterical, screeching cunt!

"He went once, and was so moved by what was going on over there that when he came home he volunteered to go back. He is more of a person than you will ever be."

I'm pretty certain your husband is the same kind of warmongering screeching bitch you are! I hope he doesn' murder to many civilians over there! Enjoy hell!

Chris mankey

By Chris mankey on 28 March 2008 · 07:28


Support The Troops Slogan

“They are fighting to protect our rights and freedoms”-

Not trying to take a swipe at the troops- just wanting to cut through some of the enchantment that seems to accompany military operations.

We hear many good things about the generation who fought WWII. People lied about their age to serve. There was a draft. Women went in, along with movie stars, entertainers, and sports celebrities- the whole country understood and was involved in the war effort. School kids participated. Most people probably had a family member who served or at least knew people who did.

Today, most people do not serve and we are most comfortable with an “All Volunteer” military. The “Support the Troops” slogan may offer comfort to those who are completely detached from the burdens of foreign policy.

Are our rights and freedoms really linked to anything that is- or is not- happening overseas?

No. The Military Industrial Complex protects our physical security- much the same as the local Sheriffs’ Department or the State Police.

It failed on 911.

We have 3 branches of government- each with limited powers- to watch over and maintain our rights and freedoms- which are guaranteed by the constitution.

The day women or 18 year olds got the right to vote, prohibition was ended, blacks were first able to marry whites, Miranda rights were instituted, etc. - It was not because we were kicking ass somewhere overseas.

The troops provide us with National Security.

If we say the victims of 911 were citizens who lost their rights and freedoms, can we say the same of the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing?

If Oklahoma City had been prevented, who would we credit? Various law enforcement agencies? The troops?

If a house is prevented from burning, is it because firefighters protect our rights and freedoms?

If the troops protect our rights and freedoms- did the troops fail on 911?

Should the Support the Troops Slogan be used to justify US foreign policy?

If we want our concealed carry permit honored on National Park’s lands, should we tell the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

By yeomalt on 13 April 2008 · 17:33


Re: Fuck the troops

Just to chime in here: Fuck the troops!

By nostate on 25 May 2008 · 11:08

Fuck The Troops

Re: Fuck the troops

I noticed some responses from pro-war points of view stating that it is because of the soldiers that we have freedom. That statement is one of the most idiotic statements a person can say. It's because of military concentration that the U.S. can pass legislation like the Patriot Act, to keep on 'protecting' our freedom, when in reality we are slowly moving the gears towards a fascist society.

And as for the argument that the soldiers are 'just following orders"... THEY VOLUNTARILY JOINED THE SERVICES. If you are going to blindly joined the armed services, then you are a dumb sack of shit, do a little research and see the big picture before enlisting. The Nazis were 'just following orders'... so then cut them some slack to, eh?

The soldiers are just are responsible for this mess as are the government officials in charge. This war wouldn't be around if it weren't for this idiotically patriotic morons enlisting. GO DIE FOR ALL I FUCKING CARE.. BECAUSE ALL YOU SOLDIERS ARE FUCKING MURDERERS! IF AN IED BLOWS YOUR HEAD OFF... GOOD! ONE LESS FUCKING MURDERER IN THIS WORLD, AND ONE LESS ASSHOLE MOOCHING OFF TAX MONEY! FUCK YOU ALL.

The real patriots are teachers, policemen, firemen, soup kitchen workers...just anyone trying to actually help a functioning society work, unlike the soldiers. They are helping to promote fascism.

AGAIN....soldiers are voluntary murderers. I hope all you soldiers get murdered for what you are doing.

By Fuck The Troops on 6 September 2008 · 16:13


Re: Fuck the troops

Solders don't murder people. They kill terrorists. You know those people who took 2,000 American lives back on 9/11? The same event that you think would of been the ONLY one to occur if we didn't take the fight to them?

Go ahead, say fuck the troops all you want. But some day you'll realize you are wrong. It may not be until you are 80. Hell, you might never find it out.

But that wouldn't surprise me either.

Some of you fucks are cold heartless bastards. You automatically assume that the troops are murdering civilians because you hear ONE REPORT. You don't take into account that places like Iraq are now much safer, much easier to live in. The people THANK our troops all the time for taking out the murdering Hitler they had leading them.

But no, fuck the troops. Fuck them for trying to defend freedom and bring democracy.

Fuck them for doing something some of you losers wouldn't try to do if you had any conscience or courage. You people disgust me. These men and women are doing something you should be PROUD of. Instead, you hate on them, attack them, call them murderers.

Yeah, that takes a lot of logic. Instead of studying history, you form your own crappy opinions that aren't worth anything. You spit out these injustices and hate, while our troops defend your right do do so.

You think they don't? Tell me then, is Freedom free? If we just ignored war, would it go away? USE YOUR FUCKING HEAD.

America could of been invaded, turned into a fascist state as you so wrongly accuse our troops of doing. But no, men and women of courage, of valor, who LOVE their COUNTRY, AND THEIR FELLOW MAN defend us and our freedoms we so much take for granted.

You people are the reason why there are wars. Your logic is so pathetic, your reasoning is totally wrong. You think HORRIBLY terrible things on people just trying to defend us. The only person going to hell here is some of you.

Luckily, nobody will miss you. Because you are like a virus, one that needs to be exterminated.

By losers232 on 12 January 2009 · 01:15


Re: Fuck the troops

And to the creator of this topic, this isn't directed at you.

At least you aren't saying horrible things about our men and women, you are just disagreeing with the war.

By losers232 on 12 January 2009 · 01:23

A is A

Re^2: Fuck the troops

I know you’re sincere. Your earnestness is warming so know that when I say you’re a total fucking retard, I mean it in the same way. Sincere. Earnestly. Please, get yourself educated because you might end up worth it.

Soldiers have, can, and will continue to kill innocents. It happens every day there is any kind of armed conflict because that’s what human beings are like. It is documented from the beginning of time to the bunch of children Israel killed a few hours ago.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — The Palestinian doctor provided Israeli TV viewers with regular updates on Gaza fighting's human toll. But Friday's report was different — with sobs he told how his three daughters and a niece were killed by an Israeli shell.

Gaza war doctor grieves 3 daughters, AP

You only refuse to see it because of the bigotry that allows individuals to see their tribe as superior. Both presidents Bush have a minimum of 300,000 dead Iraqis on their hands; and it’s well over 1,000,000 by some estimates which use methodology accepted in nearly every other conflict in which we’ve been involved. Saddam was no worse. There were no terrorists at all in Iraq before the botched invasion justified on assertions known to be false at the time. Math alone, Christians are a fuck of a lot more dangerous than Muslims.

You want to support the troops in a way besides bringing them home? Why the fuck don’t you spend a weekend a month helping out at the VA with Vietnam veterans? You can ask them what war is actually like. But you won’t because like the rest of your clan, you don’t actually care. You just don’t like your opinion, mentors, and lack of education challenged.

See also: Your Friday kick in the teeth – or – Support the troops or be prepared for a world-wide Islamic empire founded of the women and children we weren’t determined enough to kill.

And with that, we shut down the comments on this one. There isn’t enough Dramamine® in the town to keep it going any longer.

By A is A on 17 January 2009 · 00:15

Jayke P Smack

Fuck the troops... The song

Wrote a cuple years ago
hear it @ myspace.com/blackhartedmusic or http://www.imeem.com/blackhartedmusic/music/87ZThJQz/heroin_black_fuck_the_troops/

No bombs
Bloodshed written in the laws
The burning homes and crumbling walls
You've been annexed to their estate
You get no peace from a police state
DC makes the stupid wars (Its for money, Its for money)
Why do we need their stupid war? (Ask them who their fighting for)
Fuck the troops and their stupid wars (Nooooooooo!)
Ask them who their fighting for
Its for money, Its for money (Ask them who their fighting for)
Its for money, Its for money

Pack your shit and leave Iraq
Or get wiped out when we fight back
Bush planned 9-11 attacks
Just like Reagan when he made crack
Tell your lies to the stupid congress
You cant rule if you aint honest
Your greed shows, cant hide your motives
Steal elections- who needs voters?
Freedom justifies the murders
Democracy defends the mortars
Fuck the troops for following orders
Real freedom dont have no boarders
Rape the Earth with Uranium rounds
Fallout goes around and comes down
And we all die when it hits the ground
Shoot em when they campaign your town

Money, Money, Bloody Money!
Oil, blood, this shit aint funny (Its for money, Its for money)
Lock your doors- democracy's coming
They'll shoot you in the back while you're running

Ask em who their fighting for

No more oil wars

Its for money, Its for money
Ask em who their fighting for (Its for money, Its for money)
Fuck these fuckin stupid wars (Ask em who they fightin for)
Fuck the troops and this stupid war!

By Jayke P Smack on 15 January 2009 · 15:08