Re: Burning Reputations in Science

Monday, 16 July 2012

Strangely enough, last night I was explaining one of the many things I would do if independently wealthy: purchase or harvest expensive/unusual/endemic fossils in, say, South Africa and then plant them in, say, California in similar strata at a location known to be frequented by any famous paleontologist and wait a year or two for the fireworks and implosion.

Speaking of team spirit, among other things I would do with my billions: hire a telephone bank each 4th of July to call every number in the London phone book and ask: Who was the UK’s greatest foe in history? Anyone who answers “George Washington” will be told, “Well, all right then. Have a nice day.” Any other answer will be met with, “YOU SUCK!” and a loud, and confusing in the age of cell phones, hang up.

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