Please and Thank You, my 420 present to the world

Saturday, 20 April 2013

I don’t like pot as I think I’ve gone to great lengths to establish. I’m not trying to protect myself or present a false front and it’s not that I don’t like things. Lord no. I will use canned air on the empty bottle of hydrocodone to get the last dust. I will lick the underside of that cowpie smooth before I let a microgram of psilocybin bearing fungus escape back to the Earth. And they don’t call me the fifth for my love of bourbon but some enterprising biographer will make it funny someday.

I just don’t like marijuana. Not my cup of green tea.

Which is strange because I wrote a love song to Mary Jane recently. I like the lyrics pretty well but I know I’ll never record it and probably never perform it since the music for it is too close to another song I am going to keep and play.

So, it’s yours. Attribution only Creative Commons license.

Please and Thank You

Delightfully high, minding my own business Thank you My yard is groomed, my car is well parked yes Thank you I’m no threat to you or society I’m as friendly as a friend can be Innocuous is my middle name I like you and I hope you feel the same Please and thank you Higher than fuck, has just been my luck Thank you Inquiring minds are the better to find with Thank you My friends are polite and all smell nice My wares are worth their cost at twice the price I bet we’d get along given half a chance If you do change your mind, my arms remain askance Please and thank you It’s a pleasure dome, when I get home from work Thank you Why is it so hard to believe one can coexist with weed Thank you My neighbors have never needed to call the police You think I’d warrant one try at least All company is pleasant and you are more than welcome Say what you want but don’t say you’ll never come around Please and thank you Oh, I do tend to forget, but have no regrets Thank you Are we here to be happy or treat each other like crap Thank you You will never be judged by who you want to be I would no sooner hurt you than I would me This life could be more fun, you must agree Come do something about that and you’ll see Please and thank you 2013.02.19

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