Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Who are some (dare we say Public) Americans that you like? They can’t all be dead, right?

I like everyone, almost. Having snacks and talking culture, TexMexicana, and anecdotes with George W would be a blast, for example. A really likeable, friendly man. Just because I think his presidency was disastrous and I wouldn’t endorse him for anything more powerful than dog catcher doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like him. That is obviously not quite what you mean though. I had this conversation a few days ago and was pressed: Well, then, who on Earth shares your politics?

You don’t have to be Tom Paine / To be my girl. You just have to be honest and willing to indulge in self-reflection and the possibility of self-improvement from said examination turning up bad data. 90% of Americans would agree with me on nearly every single point of politics if they could accept that some of the things they think are true actually bring about the opposite of what they want. Nearly no one wants suffering or poverty or disease or violence for their neighbors. Only about 10% are willing to understand and accept that a little bit is just the cost of the doing business, it doesn’t mean one doesn’t care, it means it cannot ever be erased completely and that trying to bring that little bit down to zero is, in light of all evidence going on hundreds of years, exactly what ensures it becomes well fed, breeds, expands, and starts to claim 10 times its natural habitat.

Needed to update to say that the 80% or so who agree with me about the desired ends but not the means have an incredibly simple fact to learn that for some reason is nearly impossible for some to absorb: You cannot force the world to be good, or even better. Introducing force toward that end is guaranteed to achieve the opposite.

Politics draws exactly the wrong kind of personality and the nature of the game means even the “good” folks who make it in—this definitely includes cops among those with power over others—tend to end up acting lousy; see SPE. Only a dozen or so that I know in my lifetime I think belong there. The country has millions of engineers, cooks, pilots, janitors, scientists, students, nurses, clerks, etc who I think are damn swell persons without anything more in particular to learn about the game and would make wonderful friends or acquaintances. There is a long term problem with the fact of power’s self-organizing trait and this other attitude of be good in your sphere and live and let live. We’re just seeing it become completely unashamed as well.

Too big to fail has a corollary: Too small to succeed.

I would not enjoy a beer with Barack. Cool name aside, he strikes me as a particularly unpersonable, morose jackass with nothing to talk about except himself and his career and nothing interesting to say about anything at all.

Pretty sure I like you. :P Don’t let either of us down!

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