Sleep is for pussies

Thursday, 23 August 2001

“Sleep is for pussies,” is a remarkably strange thing to say, don’t you agree? It’s either nonsensical: Do they really sleep more than one would expect? Or unduly critical: Why are you suggesting the female sexual organ isn’t alert and ready for action 24x7?

Because of this I can’t believe I used to to say it so much. I was young then and I worked a graveyard shift at the University of New Mexico. Saying it was a good way to make sure I had company for my shift. Chris or James would want to go to bed at 3am instead of working till 6 and I would say with a hostile tone, “Sleep is for pussies.” And I would get their company. Chris was my best friend in the dorms and James was a really nice guy.

I didn’t sleep much last night and can’t again tonight so you see why this all might occur to me right now.

I can’t really excuse my behavior on age. I know 19 year-old boys say terrible things but it’s their responsibility! It was my responsibility and I failed everyone. I failed those women especially with my habitual use of that phrase. It doesn’t matter that I haven’t said it since.

I’m so tired tonight that I’m especially embarrassed. My emotions are haywire. I’m out of whiskey too so I just have to feel them. I read in a book today that men cry an average of 1.5 times a month. Women average 5 times. Probably all that harsh language directed up their skirts doesn’t help.

James would tell me not to feel bad. James was a Christian. I never saw him fight so I don’t know if he was a pussy.

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