Something must be done! We must act now! If we do not change, the damage will continue!

These are not plans. These are nothing. Worse than nothing, chanting them, forwarding them, sharing them makes you think you are doing something. Makes you think you are righteous. Makes you think you are smart and caring; smarter and more caring than anyone who disagrees with… well, with the nothingness to which you adhere.

Planning, a parable

Child is drowning. Help! Help! cry the people of Cityton. Do something!

What? says the hero.

Do something! Anything! Something must be done!

Well, reasons the hero, the water is obviously killing the child. I shall drain the ocean.

And that is how the population of Cityton shrank by one and the once scenic coastline was ruined forever.

Something must be done is not a plan and action taken out of panic, fear, and prejudice will always backfire. I do not think you care though. You just want to go back to feeling that you are more caring and smarter than the neighbor who did not disagree there was a problem but attempted to approach it rationally and realistically.