Hidden fees

Saturday, 8 December 2001

I’ve always known the cost of lies. It’s been 17 years since the first time my emotions were dragged through Hell’s sewer pipes by a woman’s lies. I’ve had time to think it through. It only took the first year, it’s so simple.

A single lie can invalidate everything good that came out of a period in your life. One lie means everything else might have been lies too. Everything.

But that’s nothing. 17 years and I’ve only just realized tonight, 10 minutes ago. Giving up a few happy years of memories is doable. Done. The trouble with lies is they kill your ability to be sincere, earnest, open.

The trouble with that is what it then takes to make yourself feel or be felt sincere for even a second. All the rest I figured out the first year.

Oh, yeah, and fuck the Japanese Pilots who tried to participate in the ceremonies in Hawaii for Pearl Harbor Day.

Maybe I do have some sincerity left in me.

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