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Completely agree with your underlying points and conclusions. I take issue with Musk. I know you and _____ both like him. I’ve never seen it.

He says profoundly stupid things somewhat regularly. Like nuking Mars to create an atmosphere. It’s a total non-starter without a significant magnetosphere; and more gravity wouldn’t hurt. So it’s a naïf’s idea of how to solve a problem. The kind of thing a 14 year-old clutching an “Omni” magazine suggests, not a, cough, genius. Pure Dunning-Kruger wedded with the hubris of a lucky billionaire, just like the cave submarine. On any topic other than venture capital, subsidies, and tax breaks he doesn't seem to even know enough to know how little he knows.

His We’re almost certainly living in a simulation is another example. It’s *exactly* the same error as religion. Just from a teen boy's perspective, again, of Existence is hard to understand. There must have been some kind of creator… What would be cooler than God? Aliens! No, alien computers!!!