This week in the news #21

Saturday, 31 March 2007

Kathy Sierra Death Threat Spurs Debate

Pffff. Spurs traffic and name recognition is more like it. Probably never even had anyone really try to kill her. Loser. If I’d been writing online in 1994, I’d be a millionaire.

Dear Everyone Who Doesn’t Want to Come off Like a Jerk,

When you are threatened with violence–

  1. Report it to the police. This is a pain in the ass, they can be dicks about it and passive-aggressively dissuasive. Put up with it. Don’t leave the station till a report is filed.
  2. Write about it without hysteria or theatrics; no matter how upset you may feel. You deserve the extra traffic if you can turn the situation around without playing a victim.
  3. Unless your site policies preclude it, publish the offender’s IP info and such. You’ll be surpirised how many white-hat hackers will probably dig the worm up for you to put out to writhe in the sunlight.
  4. Joke about it; if you’re funny, otherwise skip this.
  5. Keep a level head about it. People make threats day in and day out. They are almost always idle. It’s not misogyny. It’s a well established online principle.

Follow that. You win.

John Gabriel’s Greater Internew Fuckwad Theory illustrated

Gotta be frank with y’all, there are a couple of you I’ve wanted to kill. What? Didn’t I put it in print on your site? Did I forget to email you about it? Guess why.

Griffin: “Ferrari Crash Was No Stunt”

Apparently Mr Griffin’s sense of timing serves him just as well in high speed vehicular navigation as it does in comedy.

Britney pays Kevin just $1m for divorce

That’s not gonna keep a posse in meth for long.

City of Bruised Shoulders

I’ll include the obligatory “only a small percentage of cops are bad” disclaimer here. But when the entire department—right up to the chief of police—continues to cover up for the bad seeds, you really can’t blame the public for starting to believe that they’re all crooked. City of Bruised Shoulders

I’m gonna waive that disclaimer and say a high percentage of cops are bad. This is why.

Many, maybe most, cops are honest, law abiding, nice folks who are just doing a job and don’t use the fact that they have a gun and can do just about whatever they want to just about whomever they like as long as the targeted person is black, makes less than $20,000/year, or has any sort of criminal record. Just about all of these “honest” cops know a cop who isn’t honest though. A cop who steals, lies, fakes reports, works drunk or high, plants evidence, puts a beat-down on a brother when he’s in the mood, &c. Maybe even shot someone for no valid reason and got away with it. A good cop who knows a bad cop and doesn’t do anything about it… well, he’s a bad cop too living a fantasy that being a wrong cop is any more right than an armed, violent thug without a badge.

Bush Cites Upbeat Bloggers From Baghdad

Abeer Qassim Hamza The men who raped her are those same security forces Bush and Condi are so proud of- you know- the ones the Americans trained. It’s a chapter right out of the book that documents American occupation in Iraq: the chapter that will tell the story of 14-year-old Abeer who was raped, killed and burned with her little sister and parents. “The Rape of Sabrine…” Baghdad Burning

Hmmmmm… I wonder if ol’ George is reading the same Baghdad blogs I am.

Pope says hell and damnation are real and eternal

I don’t suppose he realizes how terrified out of his fucking mind he should be if he’s right.

Microsoft to release Xbox 360 Elite

Microsoft Corp. will sell a version of its Xbox 360 with a 120-gigabyte hard drive and a souped up high-definition video connection, in a bid to broaden the appeal of its popular console beyond video games. Jessica Mintz, AP Business Writer

You mean “a bid to be more like the PlayStation 3” which kids like me are just starting to save up enough to buy and everyone is just starting to notice has a lot more longevity built-in than products from Disposable City Redmond.

Texas signs new self-defense by gun law

I take back most of the bad things I’ve said about Texas. It may end up the only livable state if it can just replace some of the good ol’ boy thing with a few more books and maps.

Tests Show Snow’s Cancer Has Returned

I spent all week arguing there is no God. Boy, is my face red.

U2’s Bono awarded British knighthood

I dub thee, Sir Digger Blue.

Me: What!? Who is that for?

Myself: Jason Zimmer.

Me: I don’t get it.

Myself: Nobody will but him.

Me: Does he even read your stuff?

Myself: Dunno. No, surely not. Only talked with him once in 25 years.

Me: Well, what gives then?

Myself: Anyone who can make me laugh till I piss my pants right on the goddamned Taos Plaza for everyone to see deserves at least one inside joke on the Internet made exclusively for him.

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