Bumblebee rescue

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Woke up the other day to some noisy buzzing. Thought it was another dead-rat-in-the-wall fly or I would’ve checked sooner. Later turned out to be an exhausted orange-belted bumblebee. They’re quite pretty and a little colony lives in one of the birdhouses I made so I think of them as family.

The very tired orange-belted bumblebee

She was fagged—as we say when we’re reaching for vocabulary which might increase search engine results—and seemed done for. It takes a lot of energy to defeat the laws of ærodynamics [sic]. I put her on the porch with a few drops of water and a toothpick dipped in honey. After a few minutes of her cute little pink, forked tongue lapping up the mixture, and a bit more rest, she flew off.

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A is A

Re: Bumblebee rescue

You ever get weird urges that seem totally normal? Staring at that picture while trying to hash out a document lineage versus display_group system in my head I just really wanted to eat that bee.

By A is A on 29 March 2007 · 19:15
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Re: Bumblebee rescue

rescue -eat, ..ohh, my , ash is that you down below on the right standing in the yard playing your guitar, i thought my arms were long ,but they look like fairy twigs compared to your broad shoulders and long arms ...you weren't kidding ..wow

By anne on 3 April 2007 · 20:41
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A is A

Re: Bumblebee rescue

It’s me, though not here.

I never kid. Never. Not even right now. Especially not right now.

By A is A on 4 April 2007 · 00:04
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