You keep dodging bullets, America

So… the main implication of the Rittenhouse not-guilty verdict in my view is what happens this weekend. And it’s as sad as it is ironic.

If there are riots and looting and arson and more ad hoc Kristallnacht themed performance art, well, America you’re a bunch moronic cattle but at least you still have a little bit of soul. You might still be reachable.

If there is no mayhem at all… well, that means, quite clearly to me, that the riots and arson and looting and mayhem in 2020 were scripted by various left-sided collectivists and they have been instructed by their handlers to knock it off now that the election is over; at least until the poll numbers get a bounce off the next false flag or hay-bearing organic disaster.

Note to DNC think tanks: If you could have a “white supremacist” wearing a MAGA hat murder Joy Reid, oh, boy, would that help your team for a week or two. You’ll have to keep doing it every other month but I’m sure your supply will never run out. You really need to vet your shills better though. The last couple batches all turned out to be Bernie Bros and AnComs.