Recycled QWA #6: Why should a president be impeached?

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Why should a president be impeached?

For fucking sneezing on the salad bar.

That is to say, we should impeach the president of the United States of America for the smallest infraction of the law whatsoever. The president works for the citizens of the US as our highest law enforcement officer. He’s either within the law completely or he’s unfit for the work. If he’s not one of the greatest Americans living, he should not have the greatest job America has to offer. We’re not his lackeys. He answers to us.

It is that simple but I know some of you want more.

Many, maybe most, of the presidents we’ve had have damaged the United States. Whether starting wars, funding foreign terror groups and dictatorships, funneling money into personal interests, approving assassinations, putting Americans in prison camps, or pardoning horrific criminals—like William Calley—who don’t deserve it.

You think the current guy is bad, you’re right. But what happens whenever we have a guy this bad in the captain’s seat—and God! he stinks to Hell—is that we forget the last guy—Clinton in this case—was also an ass-‌reaming, child killing, tub of goo who spent more time trying to erode American freedom than he did getting his knob polished by secretaries, interns, and beauty queens.

So, they continue to get worse. The precedents build and soon there is no pressure for the president to do anything but exactly what the fuck he feels like doing.

And guess what? Because, in part, y’all were unwilling to legally oust Reagan and Clinton, that’s exactly where we’ve landed. [I will admit the words “President Cheney” and “President Gore” fill my heart with horror but the point stands and their heads could have rolled just as metaphorically.]

Barney Bush, the brains behind the President

George W Bush, the pinnacle of human evolution and civilized progress said of Iraq–

I will not withdraw even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me. George W Bush as reported in “State of Denial”

The President just remarked that he wouldn’t end an illegal, catastrophic, phony war. Not even if the entire Congress, Judiciary, and country stood up and told him he had to.

Without the threat of impeachment being a bit more than a joke, the only ones to whom American presidents are beholden now are their wives and dogs. Could be worse, I guess. Could be Tipper, Shiloh, and Daisy.

See also All purely hypothetically, of course.

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Cecil Jones

Re: Recycled QWA #6: Why should a president be impeached?

Impeachment is our last resort to hold a President accountable when the public trust has been shattered. It should be reserved for "High Crimes", but we failed to consider that high crimes could lead to the destruction of the Human race. America is forced to rely on Congress to release the information; but this information can remain indefinately in private rooms not available to the public. I don't think a President should be impeached for sex and I also don't think this is why Congress voted to impeach President Clinton. He lied about sex, but why? All Clinton had to do was admit it. Now President Bush has some real problems, but the nasty taste left by Clinton could protect Bush. Tell the truth about Clinton and Bush is toast. They both broke the public trust.

By Cecil Jones on 19 May 2007 · 01:19

A is A

Re: Recycled QWA #6: Why should a president be impeached?

I tend to agree with your analysis but I think you, and a great many others, miss something fundamental in the comparison and the issues underlying impeachment (and removal).

Clinton was caught out for being stupid enough to perjure himself for having sex on the clock with a woman half his age and not his wife but he was an altogether terrible man as well whose entire presidency was riddled with scandals; a new one cropped up every six months. There were half dozen previous sex scandals and rape accusations wherein there was no dress. Perhaps you remember Hillary lying about losing FBI files they were keeping on Americans and then magically finding them a year later. Bill probably could have stopped most of the genocide in Rwanda by making a single phone call to François Mitterrand instead of keeping the information secret until the chopping was all done. He also tried to get legislation to force computer manufacturers to install a chip so the government could eavesdrop on everything you did at any time. Just imagine how nice that would have been in this age of the warrantless wiretap.

“High misdemeanors” is part of the definition too. Since misdemeanors can be things as innocuous as going into public while having a cold (this is illegal in Seattle), high misdemeanors can include anything the House and Senate would agree upon.

I wrote this — Articles of Presidency — in 1998. The second thing, IIRC, I wrote directly for online consumption. Plenty more about Bill and about why, in the objective light of the office’s growing power, we really need to impeach any president who tells the smallest lie or causes the death of one American for an unjustifiable reason.

We won’t though. The Congress is too big a bunch of crooks to ever feel comfortable cleaning house on moral (or even legal) grounds. And like my aunt once said, “Sometimes I think America has exactly the government we deserve.”

By A is A on 19 May 2007 · 23:44