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January 2006 The Book of Embraces, Chapter Annie. From the reliably fantastic Sedition·com.

Title says it all, Publicani

12/02/07 The best analysis of “Support the troops” phrase.

Remixed, A ridi0t slideshow: 10 Questions for Christians to Answer

05/24/07 A video slide show based on Ten Questions to Ask Your Pastor, Reverend, Minister, or Priest.


In an age when it seems impossible to be too cynical, the Devil’s Dictionary X updates a classic to help you towards the “power of accurate observation.” –GK

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01/26/06 The 12 biggest problems with your blog linked and described by blog maven
Lorelle VanFossen: The sound you hear in the background of your computer right now is applause. Yep, this is brilliant stuff said very brilliantly. Sparkling.

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01/01/06 The Devil’s Dictionary X™ linked.


12/27/2005 The Devil’s Dictionary X™ given 29 thumbs up with 9 reviews including: “This is
what would happen if the Oxford English Dictionary got liquored up.
Brutally honest and just a bit offensive,” from chronophasiac.

Participant, Circus of the Spineless #3

11/30/05 I like insects better than you #8 and I like insects better than you #12 linked for circus.

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11/25/05 Scott Adams’s mother, Part 1, our parody of Scott Adams’s bizarre,
addled attack on the intelligent design vs evolution hot button.


10/23/2005 Sedition·com threat
levels—Original, Conservative & Liberal, Breast, and Blog—linked from 248 different
web sites with more than a quarter million views to date.

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10/15/2005 The Devil’s Dictionary X™ mentioned in the post and podcast Our Favorite Resources: Online and Print. You can’t take it back now,


10/10/2005 Ten Questions to Ask Your Pastor, Reverend, Minister, or Priest was written up in the Agnosticism / Atheism pages of under the heading Ten Questions to Ask Christians.

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7/1/2005 The Devil’s Dictionary X™ definition of anal probe was quoted in a review for the
video game “Destroy All Humans!”

Quoted/reviewed, The Life and Times of the Central Park Track Club

5/1/2005 The Devil’s Dictionary X™ definition of banker’s hours was quoted with the
following mention: The Devil’s Dictionary X picks up where Bierce left off, in a slightly more offensive, and more humorous, vein.

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3/24/05 The Devil’s Dictionary X™
definition of smegma.

Reviewed, Atomic Deathray

3/19/05 The Devil’s Dictionary X™ reviewéd: Unlike most pretenders to Bierce’s throne, this one is actually smart and funny. … One caveat: were I the possessor of a thin epidermis, I’d probably be happier not going there. Like all great satire, The Devil’s Dictionary X is promiscuously vicious, and no one gets out unscathed.

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5/3/04 The 12 biggest problems with your blog
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3/19/2004 In the trailing 500 days,
Sedition·com had visitors from 155 different countries. More
than 1,500 different web domains linked or referred searchers to

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3/13/04 The Devil’s Dictionary X™ link posted: A new twist on a boring book. If you’ve already read through your copy of the Oxford Dictionary, then you’ll most certainly enjoy this.

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11/19/2003 The Devil’s Dictionary X™ definition of utilize was quoted in Australia’s national
newspaper, The Australian: “Conversational Viagra fails to stand up to scrutiny.”

Reviewers rave,

01/22/2004 Click for screen shot.


02/02/2004 Click for screen shot.

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Fall 2003 The Devil’s Dictionary X is both wider-ranging and funnier than this one.

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December 2003 — Ashley, remember, is a boy’s name … so begins the introduction by the author of Ashley writes with a biting sense of humor on almost any topic imaginable—politics, religion, relationships, racism and even about the irony between suicide manuals and software generated book recommendations! A refreshing site.

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Summer 2003 the letters to Ayn Rand & the replies — Mock correspondence between Rand and WS Burroughs. Part of a larger work called “The Book of Embraces."

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2000-present Humorous and satirical word definitions with an up-to-date spin. The Devil’s Dictionary X™ has been listed under the category Wordplay since 2000 (as The Devil’s Dictionary 2000). The DMOZ is mirrored by thousands of sites including Google.

Cited, An Alcoholic’s Overview

April 2003 From an essay by UCSB student Clayton
Pence: One of the ways that the alcohol-advertising world tries to sell their product within the realm of sex is by trying to sell the sex to their audience. This is accomplished in many of different arenas, one of which is by the phenomenon of beer goggles.

Reviewed, The Taos News New publication touches some interesting bases

27 April 1995
Print issue #5 of majenta was reviewed in
the Taos News.

majenta takes risks with words, pulling them together in ways they clearly hadn’t expected to be pulled. But even when it’s vaguely sophomoric, the magazine succeeds by virtue of attitude.

Reviewed, TapRoot Reviews

Summer & Fall 1993 Two print issues of majenta (#2 and #3) were reviewed in
the periodical TapRoot Reviews.

#2 …includes poems, and a lot of satire. Energetic, crude, and amusing—"Preferred by 40 out of 303 Popes." –Bob Grumman

#3 Subtitled, “for the amusement of the lost girl of april.” Diverse and unique, irresistibly-charged with mythical images, witty enchantments, spell-binding hoaxes, poetry, short stories, sardonic advise, music reviews with a slant, wandering columns, irony, line art, ink blots, odes, a movie review, and (generally) the unexpected. Uncensored but not raunchy. –R.R. Lee Etzwiler

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