Why I can’t link to your site anymore: kottke.org

Wednesday, 6 December 2006


Politics aside, kottke.org is a near perfect blog. It's short, to the point, offers the interesting next the obscure-but-worth-hearing. It really is the textbook example of how to do it and that includes the clean layout and attention to detail and brevity.

Politics included, we start to have a problem but it’s the merest smidgen of your material, so we won’t elaborate, and it has nothing to do with why I can’t link to your site anymore. The real reason is drastically simpler and in all ways harder to excuse–

4 1/2 stars for “Mallrats

I see Comcast’s listing browser—normally too generous, willing to give anything 2 stars—gives “Mallrats” 1 1/2. I was about to remark that it was the most generous half-star ever given to a movie but I noticed that “Wisdom” received the same mercy portion of stellar material.

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