Traffic rage

Wednesday, 27 December 2006


Myself: When you think about our first 100,000 page day—what do you think it’ll be like?

Me: I don’t know. Kind of of exciting really even though we’re not ready for it. Probably crash the site and make me look like a jerk.

Myself: Yeah, that’s one of the 12 tasks.

Me: Where do you think it’ll come from. Slashdot? FOXNews? Drudge?

Myself: It won’t be Drudge.

Me: Why not?

Myself: He’s got a crush on me and he’s playing hard to get.

Me: What?! He’s like… You know. He’s one of them. How could he be gay?

Myself: Don’t you read the news? All the Republicans are ass bandits, man. And I’m not just talking fiscal responsibility ass banditry either.

Me: You can’t just print rumors like that when you don’t have proof.

Myself: That’s what you said about Mehlman and we got scooped!

Me: Well, we’re not close are we. Tell me we’re not even on their radar. What were the page views for last week.

Myself: Hold on… Um, 41,487?

Me: Well, that’s not too bad. That's like not even 6k a day, right?

Myself: Wait, wait. I’m still getting the hang of these Google Analytics. I think that’s just for yesterday.

Me: No! No, no, no, no, no… I wanna go back to 1998.

Myself: Yeah, you and Saddam both.

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