The Jane Doe—er, uh, Juanita Dominguez?—Manifesto Rebuttalissimo –or– Check mate! King me!!

Monday, 9 April 2007

Point 1–

The Fox and the Pheasants.

Point 2–

Andrew Kehoe and everyone who looks like him.

Point 3–

He says my coffee’s too strong,
So like the rest of his life he waters it
Down and out in some sorry world,
He never had a reason

Too many limp wrists and hair sprayed heads,
Filled with nothing but what's been said–

I keep thinking, This ain’t excuse for a reason
And I keep thinking, Where’s John Doe when we need him

Does this pass your test for living on the edge?
Some sad excuse for a reason,
To live and die
As Sid Christ before you,
Ahhhh before you


“please bring the flag”


Point 4–

If you continue to find so much of reality “flabbergasting,” it’s time to check your premises.

Point 5–

This isn’t Malaysia, you dizzy bitch.

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