The Book of Embraces

and other brutally international love letters from WS Burroughs to Ayn Rand
(the continuing memoirs of Vivian Five VI)

–Ashley Pond V–

that was back in ©’98… 1898… BC!

Dedicated in all following editions to anyone who will please, for me, name your child: Now You’ve Done It

And to the cop in Moab who didn’t give me a ticket even though I was 20 over and packing heat; you were very cool, Officer

–124 of 124 chapters published–

  1. the first letter to Ayn Rand & the reply
  2. the first time I met Him –or– Ezra Pound is the biggest asshole buried in Italy
  3. the book of embraces, chapter Marcie
  4. chlamydia is not a flower
  5. why I took the curious pen name I have
  6. the book of embraces, chapter Annie
  7. my friend ________, an introduction
  8. good foreign relations begin with isolationism
  9. prose journalism
  10. I’m not a guitar but I play one in a band –or– giving Elmo a couple of test tickles
  11. you should be an absurdist writer because I’m getting to know Seattle
  12. your evaluations
  13. “some well meaning fan mail”
  14. the book of embraces, chapter Priscilla
  15. the Washington Mutual Tower and the Devil
  16. the rematch was held near the grave of a mannerist painting of Isadora Duncan–aka–Redaction action, what’s your traction?
  17. I got your e-mail
  18. the book of embraces, chapter Tristan
  19. too many Russians are writing long books
  20. the morning they unwound the histone protein for good
  21. conservation begins at home
  22. the second letter to Ayn Rand & the reply
  23. the Devil’s greatgrandson…with my .44 gun
  24. the book of embraces, chapter Heather
  25. the 56k modem was just as useless against Communism as the 22k had been
  26. a hundred stories Boccaccio didn’t tell either
  27. the book of embraces, chapter Alex
  28. why Richard Brautigan is not as upset as you seem to be
  29. the book of embraces, chapter Erin
  30. Deep Blue at the recently contested tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  31. snow leopard down, the wolf’s in the hatch, the fuse is primed so strike the match
  32. my money is on Alan Greenspan waking from a long winter and Bill Gates avoiding lemon merengue for some time
  33. the book of embraces, chapter Janell
  34. I hope a Chinese pharmaceutical steals the formula for Viagra while there are still some animals left in Asia
  35. apple stems and girls named Wendy
  36. the saga of burning my mouth on a cheese sandwich heated in the microwave
  37. the book of embraces, chapter Andrea, the singer
  38. advance critical praise for “The Book of Embraces”
  39. the book of embraces, chapter princess Laine
  40. my editor, Miss Exie Shortbread
  41. modern insults
  42. hieropus sex
  43. the book of embraces, chapter Andrea, the therapist
  44. my dear uncle Richard’s opinion of Ophelia’s death
  45. the book of embraces, chapter Renate
  46. shame and loathing in Hokona
  47. a joke I stole and let them sue me
  48. why I’m gonna like Seattle zen more than Albuquerque Catholicism
  49. don’t be trite
  50. I don’t plan on publishing my diary any more than all y’all WCW type poets oughta shut the fuck up and dance
  51. the book of embraces, chapter Kim
  52. the third letter to Ayn Rand & the reply
  53. the sweeter the revenge, the more carcinogenic
  54. the book of embraces, chapter Delia
  55. the price of art
  56. the LSAT vs. Viana Fire
  57. the book of embraces, chapter 재희
  58. the decline and fall of practically everybody but Dave Mustain
  59. the book of embraces, chapter Paula
  60. maybe it’s not funny now but there will come a day
  61. the first time I was wrong still might be okay
  62. how my first investment grew 2,400% but didn’t count
  63. Neil
  64. his old man
  65. my friend Saundra
  66. the book of embraces, chapter Laxmi
  67. my young mom
  68. mad genius –or– you didn’t make the cut but this did
  69. the book of embraces, chapter Becky
  70. coherence is quite important in lasers, as opposed to Asian history where it’s a revisionist mistake
  71. another beautiful black woman who was talked out of loving me by Spike Lee
  72. do you know what a Markov chain is? well, then this won’t help at all.
  73. I met a real psychic at Eddie Vedder’s place
  74. sons of the new godzilla vs. your historical context
  75. the book of embraces, chapter shopping for the weekend they tried to get back together but just had sex instead
  76. it was the night I sold my first screenplay
  77. the almost-Batmobile
  78. bad opinions are like nazis even when they’re right
  79. the book of embraces, chapter Aja
  80. how my right hand had become familiar with the journal of Ayn Rand I will never know
  81. Stopper
  82. how I intend to give the Antichrist a good run for his money
  83. the book of embraces, chapter Andrea, the editor
  84. people from NY don’t believe that streets don’t have names in NM; assholes
  85. untitled for queers
  86. lately re-informed about how Jesus Christ was put upon the T-ride for my sins
  87. please be my friend, Richard Powers
  88. Ayn Rand’s heroines all had lots of sex
  89. the book of embraces, chapter the newest ex
  90. my 30th birthday
  91. my famous friends
  92. how to keep warm at night
  93. my friend –––––––’s brother, Calvin
  94. why my friend CM has a pen name too
  95. still life with a pecker
  96. too much coffee voodoo
  97. the ballad of the saga of the epitaph on Slappy White’s grave
  98. the book of embraces, chapter Adrienne –or– the girl who stole his job with Francis Ford Coppola and how he plans to revenge himself by ruining her marriage
  99. an open letter to an advertiser
  100. my friend Orión Cervio
  101. the fourth letter to Ayn Rand & the reply
  102. please go out with me, Sinéad
  103. the book of embraces, chapter Liza Jane
  104. Words: 46.667
  105. Chili Con Carne (without meat); I love all my grandparents much
  106. all about horses and a bull too
  107. my friend Pat
  108. I really wanted to be an advice columnist
  109. the Nobel Prize and you at Arlington
  110. please be my girlfriend, Alanis
  111. real asteroids go in circles between Mars and Jupiter mostly
  112. Noam Chomsky is not only a communist but I bet I could beat him at mumblety peg without hardly trying
  113. my friend Cort
  114. no bulls appear in this
  115. the shortest movie in this book: [redacted]
  116. a list of good ideas that are not in my field
  117. the final letter to Ayn Rand & the reply
  118. my 30th birthday II
  119. please teach me about love, Adrienne Brodeur
  120. the book of embraces, chapter Felicity
  121. please be my friend, J. B. S. Haldane
  122. the last time we crossed swords was at an iron monument to Stonewall Jackson
  123. the book of embraces, chapter Terri
  124. please be my friend, epilogue

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