the first letter to Ayn Rand & the reply

July 4th, 1944

Dear Mizz Rand,

I just finished your book, "The Pumpkinhead."  Great, I must say.  The idea of going against the establishment by becoming the purist root of the establishment is a coup for fascists worldwide.  I mean this in the most complimentary fashion.  Women make terrible fascists traditionally.  And you do write like a man.  I'll bet you even vote and drink whiskey too.  I can give no higher praise.

You may not know my work but I am a red headed architect just like your laughing hero.  I've always wanted to put my red haired dick in a Russian.  How about it?

Yours truly,

W.S. Burroughs, A.G.A.

8 August 1944

Dear Mister Burroughs:

Your letter was at once insulting and compelling so I reply. My citizenship, alas, prevents me from responding to your offer of friendship. I am no longer European. I am as American as a drunken Navajo in Gallup, New Mexico. I regret no longer having a Russian port for your salted peter.

It’s terribly hot this summer, don’t you agree? Perhaps you could send me a letter about Germans in hot weather.

In any event, please do send more gorgeous filth. This shall further a character study I am working on for my next novel.

Your favorite writer,

Ayn Rand

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