Swine strongly implied –or– Where’s my pork chop?

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Pearls Before Breakfast” via Tungsten Blue Credenza.

The punchline of the story did not surprise. Even before knowing enough about people to infer the answer I experienced the same basic sting in a little Italian tourist town. Three young street musicians playing Bach and Mozart. Way the fuck out there in terms of technicality and—much more impressive—interpretation. Just mind blowing that kids—they looked like college music students—could play that well and would bother doing it for a few lire. I was the only one who wanted to stay and listen. Few passers-by even looked at them let alone listened.

If a crowd had gathered in the Post’s play, I would have insisted on retrials because it would be the statistical aberration. I don’t find it offensive or troubling. If the average person could recognize genius—that which persists and elevates us, transcending generations—then the average election, ethics, Hins Anders popular art, car design, and website would be something else again. One really cannot get upset at that. It is in-built—a supplement of the ruleset. I do find it incredibly naïve that anyone would expect any other outcome.

“The unrecognized genius—that’s an old story. Have you ever thought of a much worse one—the genius recognized too well… That a great many men are poor fools who can’t see the best—that’s nothing. One can’t get angry at that. But do you understand about the men who see it and don’t want it?” The Fountainhead
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