Obituary after the fact: Kurt Vonnegut

Friday, 11 April 2008

A drawing of a dead asshole

Kurt Vonnegut died one year ago today. I waited a year for some people I like.

The importance of final words. In one of the last interviews he gave he said–

They say, you know, about evolution, it surely happened because their fossil record shows that. But look, my body and your body are miracles of design. Scientists are pretending they have the answer as how we got this way when natural selection couldn’t possibly have produced such machines. KV interviewed by Steve Inskeep for Morning Edition

It doesn’t take genius or a profound understanding of the world to declare something an impenetratable mystery. The exact opposite is true. His are the words of a small, frightened mind which derives solace from making sure others are stupid with awe for whatever brand of superstitious, anti-knowledge tripe one ingests as intellectual comfort food. The predictability with which this behavior emerges from a certain type of mind as it nears its appointment in Damascus is sad and revolting. What better proof that one knows oneself to be a failure than to insist upon the divine from death’s portico. To encourage others to agreement. If one can convince them, one might be able to convince oneself.

See also: Kurt Vonnegut on Darwinism and Losing His Mind.

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