Recycled QWA #7: communism

Monday, 16 April 2007

I’ve got a one word unrebuttable proof that Communism is among the most heinous, insane—in both senses—and odious concepts that has ever been hatched: Korea.

Korea at night

One country, to the day still unified by a culture so strong that 90% of South Koreans hold the absolutely ludicrous belief that a happy reunification is—and has been for 40 years—imminent. One of the most homogeneous peoples on the face of the Earth divided not by geography, language, tradition, myth, dreams, ambition, or history. Divided only by a system of government and an imaginary line.

A near perfect laboratory experiment. And what’s the control, you ask? How about Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan?

Stalin killed more people than Hitler. Mao killed more people than Stalin. Somehow that isn’t enough for y’all and your thuggish and decrepit heroes like the bloody by proxy Noam Chomsky.

North Korea has death camps where political prisoners are raped, tortured, used in weapons experiments, gassed, shot, and starved. Not in some distant past that your grandparents dealt with. It’s today. While you read this, it is happening. An innocent person is being killed horribly to benefit no one. North Korea has segments of population that eat bark, pinecones, and grass because they have no food; the unsupervised international aid packages go to the military and the government loyalists. They also eat children because the children often starve to death first.

The photograph of Korea at night is the sum total of all the arguments. You can still pretend Communism isn’t Evil and might work if just applied correctly, but it won’t be out of ignorance anymore. It will only be because you’re a lunatic or evil too.

Original image courtesy of Hank Brandli and Earth Science Picture of the Day.

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Re: Recycled QWA #7: communism

how do you ,yourself ... deal with these big pictue issues? I am only able in street level politics ..

By anne on 16 April 2007 · 07:39

A is A

Re: Recycled QWA #7: communism

Street level is fine, maybe even ideal (if there were no one abusing power it’s almost all we’d need). Some big picture issues I won’t tackle because they’re too complex and there are too many ways to be wrong about it. Korea is neither complex nor hard to get right. It’s as black and white as the lights in the picture.

The North is relentlessly poor, brutalized, starved, and stuck halfway in the stone age. The South is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. The issues raised by the North are largely invisible because so few have escaped to to talk about it. That and they’re neither white nor guilt-inducing so the mainstream news doesn’t touch it often.

The Koreas were the same country until c 1950 in a way the US, just for example, never ever was and never could be. Race and family unity, loyalty, these things are miles apart in Korea from what the most close-knit families in the West understand.

I think I asked every adult class I had in the ROK if/when they thought reunification was going to happen. Almost everyone said yes, within 5-10 years. This was, of course, 10 years ago. I only remember a single student who said reunification would definitely not happen. He also was my oldest student at 65 and he had fought in the war. A lovely man who was spending his retirement visiting other countries and doing things like climbing Kilimanjaro.

[I add for the record that I never injected my own politics into my classroom.]

By A is A on 17 April 2007 · 12:53


Re: Recycled QWA #7: communism

Gosh, you're right about that picture. The one on the bottom is incredibly wasteful, spewing all that electricity into space for no good reason!

By Eric on 17 April 2007 · 07:31

A is A

Re: Recycled QWA #7: communism

No good reason?! You’ve obviously never been to a 소주 tent, young man. Why this moment my salivary glands are punishing me for my larder’s lack of jerked 오징어. Sure beats the holy fuck out of having to eat your own child just to live through another winter. ;)

By A is A on 17 April 2007 · 12:05


Re: Recycled QWA #7: communism

here is a segue, seg-way ( i am also thinking of segregation here) that only my fluffy mind could manage ..., ash , leading source of my south of the border news, what have you heard of reasons why the man from south korea taking english lit. here did what he did yesterday ....?

By anne on 17 April 2007 · 11:59

A is A

Re: Recycled QWA #7: communism

Speaking purely as another English major I’d have to say it was the Tennyson what made him do it.

By A is A on 17 April 2007 · 12:06


Re: Recycled QWA #7: communism

Waddayaknow, it's Rumsfeld's favorite picture. This picture proves something.

What does it prove? Whatever you want it to.

By TedStein on 16 August 2010 · 12:39

A is A

Re^2: Recycled QWA #7: communism

I don’t think you’re crazy.

By A is A on 16 August 2010 · 12:51


Re^3: Recycled QWA #7: communism

Thanks, that means a lot. What would be crazy? To write the post above without mentioning the word sanctions.

By TedStein on 19 August 2010 · 14:01

A is A

Re^4: Recycled QWA #7: communism

I was calling you evil, Ted. It is so hard to insult people these days.

By A is A on 19 August 2010 · 14:28


Re^5: Recycled QWA #7: communism

I too have been having trouble insulting people lately. At this late point in the game, it is frustrating that you haven't realized I am calling you an idiot and not defending communism.

By TedStein on 19 August 2010 · 15:46

A is A

Re^6: Recycled QWA #7: communism

It is good sport and you are, I imagine frequently are, in great company: The return of some well-meaning fan mail.

By A is A on 19 August 2010 · 15:58


Re: Recycled QWA #7: communism

A near perfect laboratory experiment.

I was just pointing out that this is wrong. For what it's worth, I agree with you, more or less, about communism. But this post is still dumb.

By TedStein on 19 August 2010 · 15:37