Placidity not platitudes

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Could someone spend maybe five minutes being really sad that a bunch of people got killed before hopping on their preexisting hobbyhorses? Grief Not Grievances

A bunch of people get killed every single day. I think one of the problems in general discourse is many expect everyone else to feel the way they do about current events and get insulted when it doesn’t always pan out.

You want an enforced 5 minutes of sadness for every 30 deaths? So 10 seconds per corpse. That’s fair enough. Doesn’t cut into my PlayStation time much. Let’s multiply that by the 110 who died in car wrecks yesterday, the 1,178 who died from tobacco usage, the 301 who died of drink, the 87 who died from incorrect prescriptions, the 41 who overdosed on drugs, and let’s top off with the 49 who were murdered in places other than a Virginia campus.

So I’m going to expect 5 solid hours of tears from you before you open your yap about the price of eggs on any day which ends in “y.” And since these were only US figures and they are 10 years old, I’d actually like to round that up to 24 hours a day. Otherwise no one will be crying for the poor bastards who can’t read blogs in English admonishing those horrid fiends who aren’t genuinely sad enough about everyday life and death.

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Re: Placidity not platitudes

exactly what is going on in my mind at times like these, god bless ,please do something about your pres., / oh and thanks for mentioning the incorrect prescriptions, and i'd like to add ...never date your pharmacist, than dump him...and hope that he doesn't mess with your meds , ..said the girl with birdy hands .., hug

By anne on 18 April 2007 · 11:31


Re: Placidity not platitudes


By anne on 18 April 2007 · 12:11