Happy Earth Day from the Devil

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Earth Day
a holiday celebrated by a lot of stomping about and subsequent removal of topsoil in America’s parklands.
one who wishes to conserve; a nature lover; sometimes written “conservationist.”
New Age
the religions, fallacies, snake oils, and spiritual slaveries of the old age in plastic packaging.
compare with old age.
1. anyone who names a child something not found in the Bible.
2. a dedicated Communist, minus any possible work ethic or hygienic awareness.
1. naturalist term describing a bloody, vicious struggle where the murder and birth rates manage to stay in step.
2. popular culture term describing a velvet painting of a smiling lion peacefully surrounded by lambs; a similar portrait of Native Americans.
tree hugger The Devil’s Dictionary X™
the most common but least serious of the horticultural sexual deviancies, followed in order of clinical magnitude by the tree petter, knot knocker, and serial cross pollinator.
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Re: Happy Earth Day from the Devil

he is recycling on earth day ..isn't that beautiful, .. ,,,, is anne in the bible,, my friend jonathan has been known to be a lover of trees ..after many days on the road alone ....

By anne on 22 April 2007 · 05:20
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