Dear Halle Berry,

Wednesday, 3 April 2002

I don’t want to jump in just because someone called, “Jump in!” But I did want to ask you if you ever used the bathroom at school in the six years you were in high school and junior high?

So, I’m asking.

Halle Berry, did you ever use the bathroom at school in the six years you were in high school and junior high?

I never did. I was an Anglo (what you’d call “white” I guess, though I never said it was okay to call me that) kid in Northern New Mexico before the great New-York-Hollywood land grab happened in Santa Fe and Taos. It’s funny that $1,000 a month rent is totally incompatible with $5.25/hr wages — forcing local kids, who didn’t have living grandparents to move in with, to move away. And as I wasn’t born that pretty and my mom was unable to front for me to move to Chicago to be a model, I was stuck there getting called, “Fucking honky,” having knives drawn on me, being humiliated by the girlfriends of vatos I was terrified of, and getting surreptitiously punched when walking in a crowd.

I was too scared to use the fucking bathroom for 6 years because I didn’t want get caught alone in there by the gang of pachucos in my class and get beat or killed. One of the kids who gave me a good kidney punch in gym class is serving murder time at the second worst state pen in the country. Another one is dead because another kid he used to pick on shot him and his twin brother during a graduation party.

So I guess I was born lucky. I mean compared to you. It must be hard being held back the way you have been. Why, you’d probably be the President instead of just a millionaire moviestar by now if only everyone got treated equally. Crying fucking shame how backwards this country is and surely the Anglo is to blame. Lord knows the Hollywood-New-York fuckwads that drove me out of my hometown have hands as clean as Pilate.

I know you think you were a vessel of truth that night, but six years I didn’t get to piss between 8am and 4pm, Monday through Friday.

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