Not to dwell but since it came up

Thursday, 11 July 2002

One of the worst nights of my life was spent in Hong Kong.

Probably you have already formed an idea of what it must have been; been like. It is natural to hear personal details in your mind when someone else utters trite phrases about himself. Trite things have no weight, only connotations. “Worst night of my life,” carries that. Doesn’t carry real information.

I hadn’t a drink. I wasn’t sick. I wasn’t getting dumped nor was breaking up with anyone. I hadn’t lost money. I hadn’t lost a job. I didn’t get beat up.

If the worst night you ever spent was just puking or crying or even bleeding then you couldn’t understand. There’s little point in the details. It’s written down elsewhere, more or less anyway, for the day when there comes a point.

Nothing bad happened to me. It was just one of those times when something bad did happen and I was caught out as the only adult. Again.

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