Ann Coulter, spectacular cunt

Saturday, 16 November 2002

By “spectacular” I don’t mean fantastic, clean, gorgeous, or well-oiled. I mean it literally. A spectacle. A car wreck. An international caliber circus freakshow. Can’t take your eyes off of a single stitch of the thing.

Don’t get me wrong, again! I love what she writes most of the time. She has the Gift and her politics line up with mine 2 out of 3 falls. That’s a solid D+! I mean, Liberals are deceptive morons who somehow seem ignorant of the facts from the last couple generations:

Communism: 50 million killed [Ed: this is incorrect, it is closer to 100 million; democide figures per R. J. Rummel] or starved to death; Stalin, Lenin, Mao and all their freaked out kith have murdered or starved to death, at the very least, this many human lives since my grandparents were born. Economics doesn’t starve people to death, politics does. North Korea and South Korea have identical resources, cultural make up, and histories until 50 years ago when the North said, “Let’s give Mao a go.” The South is rich, the North is starving. The only difference at all between the two places is ideology.

Socialism: 25 million or so dead; ah, but you forgot! Nazi is short for National Socialist in German. Isn’t that funny?

Capitalism: well, peacetime citizens shoot each other a little more often outside Totalitarian police states [Ed: this is incorrect, the US is currently 23rd in national murder rates] but the government, in general has only killed a few thousand citizens in 200 years, a couple hundred thousand aborigines and perhaps a few million foreign soldiers, mostly Commies and Nazis, oddly enough — let’s say less than 75 million killed, anyway. All in all, the easy winner. Wow! Who would have guessed?

Those numbers are unfamiliar to, maybe, most Liberals. If you’re of that bent, the comments probably burn a bit.

And that’s why I love reading Ann’s Stuff now and again. She burns them. She’s a raging case of chlamydia for the left-leaning. And it’s great to see. The Left has a lot of really strong propagandists and poets. It’s nice to see the Right come back swinging with such eloquent venom. She’s part Oscar Wilde, part Joe McCarthy on her best days. And she’s pretty! What a coup! The Democrats really need to re-learn this lesson. It won them 1960 Presidency and it has lost them a few since.

Then I realize, her vapid nonsense is pretty much as devoid of fact or contextually meaningful information as the reduced-price tripe of congenital liars like Chomsky. Then every so often you get the whiff of Peggy Noonan’s bad hygiene: God. The ultimate in fact-free journalism. And you remember, oh, Quail, Quaale, or Quayle or something, Reagan, CIA selling coke, Bush doing coke, Nancy mad-dogging coke, Nixon, Keating, and, Christ, the list could go on for many some paragraphs.

The point is, Ann has a gift for prose and zingers and the occasional insight, I suspect she’s being fed, but she’s not that bright; thriving on veiled declarations of mass murder being the answer to our woes and any other piece of sensationalist guerrilla-crap she learned immersed in her Liberal complements while growing up in the 70s.

Now, say what you want about my dead friend Ayn Rand, but don’t say she was a Conservative or Right-wing. She loathed them. She would have instantly recognized Ann Coulter as a wolf in expensive hooker’s clothing.

Ayn viewed the Left as basically impotent, like the villains of her books, only given any power, steam, cash, or license to kill through the acquiescence of others. She said the Conservatives were the only ones with the power to destroy this country. Smart old bird.

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