Embarrassed to pieces

Wednesday, 4 December 2002

I embarrassed myself recently by posting a little thing which had nothing to do with anything that matters. It was neither absurd, nor terribly interesting to anyone but me and a few Capital-Darwinists. Inside jokes are intimidating at parties but foolish in print. I’m embarrassed again! for being foolish.

Someone made me embarrass myself further the self-same day. It must be karma. Life is finally getting even with me for shrugging the yoke of shame for so many years. I suppose I’ll have to accept justice in this case.

A fan wrote to me to ask a very important question. Though I receive dozens of pieces of fan mail a day it’s not often that it is so thoughtful or socially important to address. The question was:

“What are you, some kind of fag?”

Finally a chance to explore this fascinating topic. But where to begin?!

I started by checking the sender’s email address. I saw that it was from Canada. It’s important to know the context of any intelligent discourse before beginning so you can make sure you agree on definitions — what exactly, for instance, constitutes a “fag” — as well as boundaries for the discussion.

Knowing now where to begin I replied:

“not just any kind — i’m canadian!”

Goddamnit, I’ve gone and embarrassed myself again. I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep.

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