Tuesday, 14 January 2003

Someone in North Korea recently made a poster that wasn’t very nice. It showed missiles destroying the Capitol. We were talking about being nice the other day and how maybe it’s important after all. I think this could be another one of those cases.

Here’s another Korean lesson for you. PDRK stands for People’s Democratic Republic of Korea. ROK is for the plain old Republic of Korea. Americans just call them North and South because that is a pair of adjectives we have been obsessed with since the 1860s.

Something that I think many foreigners are surprised by is that the freedom in this country means Americans are free to be profane. Or perhaps that’s why “they” “hate” “us.” We don’t beat around the bush, so to speak. We go straight for the mother joke.

It’s a shame they are such psychopaths in the PDRK. They have one of the nicest flags in the world. It’s simple, clean, and sharp looking. They felt the need to copy the US in the color scheme but what the hey! I believe we stole that from France after all.

If you don’t believe me about North Korea being psychopathic, you’ll have to buy a history book. If you don’t believe me about their flag, well, take a look:

This is a flag that I am putting on display for them instead:

If you speak any Korean you might recognize this second flag is both subtle and profane. A combination the French invented but the Americans took away by force some years ago. Just like their flag colors… say, no wonder the French don’t like us. The Brits also had the talent at one time but they became so subtle that the profanity went inoffensive. It’s another sad thing. That there’s a point where subtlety snaps to insipidity.

If you do not want to go the clever route, here’s another flag. It’s the same joke but just plain profane.

Please do not show it to your friends in the ROK. While their northern kin are maniacal baby-eating fascists, South Koreans are really quite nice, if you’re not black or dating one of their daughters anyway.

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