Bring back the oldies to Pakistan –or– What’s fair is fair

Tuesday, 21 January 2003

Cocksucker is an insult that was terribly popular when I was very young. I remember how much I hated to hear the kids in the older grades say it and words like it. It was years before I would willingly use expletives. I hated to hear them so much, I think, because they are potent and have the undeniable gutter poetry that makes them difficult to shake off. They have fallen out of favor in recent years. I would like to help one of them make a come back.

I am going to attempt this end with an open letter.

To every foreign national who is screaming “racism” b/c you are now required to be photographed and fingerprinted to stay in the US:

You have never heard me bitch once about getting photographed and fingerprinted in Seoul b/c I was a foreign national living in Korea. I watched them let all the Canadians go through without having the same treatment but fair is fair. I know that Americans are more likely to do something bad in Korea than a Canadian is, so I never will bitch about it even though I didn’t like it. It’s time for you cocksucker Pakistanis, Arabians, North Koreans, and Moroccans to quit acting like little girls and admit the same thing.

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