I’m positive you missed the point

If one thing is wrong, this does not make its apparent opposite right. There are no linear scales in the physical world past mean old Daddy Time. They are convenient for us to draw graphs but they don’t happen in nature. Circles do. When you apply a supposed linear scale to a circle the opposites are the same point. Now, strictly speaking this is not the logic I want to use but I think you get the picture.

If someone puts a cup of piss and a cup of vomit before you and says:

The vomit tastes awful but it’s fairly nutritious after all. The piss is easier to swallow, and it’s cleaner from the ammonia in it anyway. Which would you like to drink?

And you say:

“Yuck! no way.”

And the reply comes:

“You have to pick one, that’s all there is.”

Well, don’t miss the point this time. Just because one is wrong doesn’t make another right. Just because there’s no obvious alternative does not mean there are no alternatives.