It’s always the 20 year veteran cop that shoots himself accidentally

Monday, 4 December 2006

It’s said that familiarity breeds contempt. Perhaps casual familiarity. Total famliarity, i.e. expertise, breeds complacency; the mother of all auto-pilot.

One of the Slashdot founders told me how he accidentally issued a drop database command against the master development database which automatically replicates to live. He realized immediately what he’d done and raced across the data center and pulled the connections on the server probably a few seconds before every piece of information inside Slashdot was sent off into the eternal bit-bucket.

Tonight I accidentally deleted about 3,000 6 megapixel photographs that took me the last 10 months or so to take. I realized immediately what I’d done and hit the cancel on the Trash but it was too late for me and my birds, and kids, and insects and… It was a combination of stress, not being able to see my screen well due to a fucked up video card (Thanks Apple, that’s three I owe you now), and complacency from shuffling hundreds of files around servers on a daily basis for 8 years.

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