Peaceniks stupid, accidentally correct

Monday, 17 March 2003

majenta is actually the right place for this but what are you gonna do?

When a suspected felon is surrounded by cops and they are sure he just had a gun a second ago but now can’t see it anymore, and said suspect refuses to show his hands or hold still… that dumb bastard is gonna get shot. He deserves it just like some poor sap stupid enough to stand in front of a bull-dozer in a country without an arm’s length of punitive litigious precedent.

As a condition for ending the affair begun 12 years hence, Iraq agreed to generally disarming. No more gassing of Kurds and so on. That hasn’t happened and Iraq was never in compliance. So, what’s gonna happen isn’t exactly unfair from a geo-political or legal standpoint, however…

We already have the oil and have long been able to control OPEC to an acceptable degree. France and Russia, oddly enough seem quite keen on preventing the war so they can get their grubby fingers in the cracks (their agreements with Iraq are with the current government, not future ones).

Iraq was not a major sponsor of the September 11 crew. Saudi Arabia was but their government likes us to an acceptable degree. Besides — I made the point before but it’s worth making again — 115,000 people have died from smoking in the US so far this year. Let it go.

Iraq bears no direct threat to the US at all. If you think they do compared to say, the rich disenfranchised, traditional Islamic families of Saudi and the UAE and Yemen and Syria and Egypt… you need to learn to read. The Philippines is a greater threat to the US than Iraq.

We already killed 100,000+ Iraqis 12 years ago. It didn’t do much of anything except kill a few real soldiers and a lot more innocent people, including the conscripted, who were stuck with no where to go but dead. Soldiers in Iraq are already trying to surrender to live-fire training exercises happening across the border in Kuwait. That’s how terrified and mistreated the Iraqi army is. It wasn’t a conflict either. It was a turkey shoot. The majority of US casualties in ’91 were from accidents. It was a stone cold slaughter whether or not the whole world was behind or it needed to happen to save Kuwait. It was what it was.

It’s too fucking expensive. If I have to pay 30% of my income in taxes, I’d like to have better roads, more teachers, more art and music and fewer dead foreigners. One Patriot missile in ’91 cost a couple million dollars and killed dozens of Americans shooting down a Scud on top of a base camp. I don’t want dead Americans even more than I don’t want dead Iraqis.

So — the only possible benefit is to the Iraqi people (and the related minority groups in and around Iraq that have long suffered). I don’t care about that. Neither do you. I mean even during WW II some of the French tried to defend themselves. If Iraqis are to have a free Iraq, there needs to be a Farouk Paine and a Thomas Jafisma. Any peace or freedom imposed on a nation always goes to shit. What you don’t pay for, you don’t respect.

It’s not our job. If it were our job we could damn well start in Africa where there are countries with real problems and mini-genocides springing up semi-annually.

We’re hypocrites. President Hussein is the problem and I agree he’s a monster who should be at a Nuremberg style trial before being riddled with thirty-aught-sevens. But we don’t want to kill him. We just wanna kill all those poor bastards he’d kill if they didn’t stand up to be killed by us. Nice.

Lastly, I’ve been to 15 countries in my life. I’ve never experienced any antipathy toward the US in person. The single bad thing I’ve ever heard about the US in another country was in Venice where a young Italian man said, “Fuck Reagan,” to which I replied, “Right on.” Otherwise it was 1,000 days worth of what amounts to “Hey, great to meet you, USA #1.” If that changes over this whole thing, someone is gonna answer to me for it.

And another thing, I don’t care if he’s fucking Adolf Hitler, you fuckwad newsies show some respect while he’s the leader of a country and stop calling him by his first name without a title. It’s disrespectful to everyone.

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