Return of the dumb bitch: chapter Bonnie Hammer

Friday, 21 March 2003

No one is going remember in 10 years that Sci Fi made a little extra money in the 2004 season. Knowing how TV works, no one is even going to remember in 3 years. They’re only going remember that you cancelled “Farscape” in favor of “Tremors: The Series.” And maybe they’ll remember that you called your core viewership too stupid to support sophisticated shows.

Strunk and White says it’s good style to be direct and repeat a point for emphasis. You cancelled “Farscape” and are airing “Tremors: The Series.”

Your recent website revamp and flashy new ad campaign must have cost as much as an entire season of “Farscape.”


you cancelled “Farscape”

and you are making “Tremors: The Series.”

I’m not a religious man but at times like this, I hope there is a Hell.

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