Would you please learn something

Tuesday, 25 March 2003

I don’t like George Bush. Either of them. The senior said in effect that only Christians should be allowed to be US citizens. He also was the one (or someone on his staff) who coined the term voodoo-economics. This term became known as Reaganomics at which point Mr. Bush was quite glad to eat his words. A lying hypocrite toady.

Junior is not as stupid as many say. He was at least smart enough never to take a physical in the Air Force while his bloodstream was full of cocaine. Losing active flight status is a big deal, you know he was high, and AWOL often too. Now commander in chief and ordering folks to die and kill. Formerly Governor of a state where blacks, Chicanos, and a few Anglos rot in prisons for the self-same indulgence his Yaley status let him visit freely. At least his daughters are paying him back a little.

So, you can see. I have no love of this sad unit. If I were in the military, which nearly happened, both my grandfathers were Air Force officers and coincidentally, one went to Yale Medical— Anyway, if I were in the military and serving under that sad excuse for a suit… I’d almost wish Gore had won.

Now this is the fucking point and I cannot believe how stupid you are. You. No, not the persons you say are stupid. You. You’re the stupid one. As usual, I can prove it.

Because you couldn’t stay awake during civics, you don’t know what the Electoral College is. It’s how we elect Presidents in the USA.

Because you don’t vote and your IQ is about 97 you probably forgot this next part too.

This is the percentage of the popular vote GW Bush got when he won the Presidency via the Electoral College: 47.9%.

Wow, you noticed it’s less than half. You can do math! Congratulations!

This is the percentage of the popular vote Bill Clinton got when he won the Presidency: 43.0%. Even Dukakis did better than that.

So, to you, stop staying Bush is not the President, or not the valid President, or won the Presidency illegally. Besides being stupid, which I take it you’re used to being by now, you’re wrong. Surely that must sting a little.

Call him what he is: just another bad President.

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