That cost we were discussing

Saturday, 29 March 2003

As I already wrote, I’m against the current conflict in Iraq even though. And I know Hussein is a bad man. I would like little more than to see him dead. And anyone who has murdered an innocent person for that matter.

It’s the cost:benefit ratio that is off as I see it.

A friend of mine wrote something about me and my stance. Everything basically comes down to me feeling for the innocent who are getting caught in the gears. I think people have trouble feeling that. Lord knows all I wanted on the afternoon of September 11th was to personally paint every grain of sand in the Sahara red. I think there is still a lot of want for that. And every time the French open their filthy flaps it makes more people want recompense. And every time someone says something as ludicrous as, “Make love, not war,” and every time you worry about the unemployment line and $2/gallon gas and so on and suchlike.

And I think it all obscures the cost. Makes it a vague intellectual understanding of:

WAR = KILLING * ( guilty + innocent )

Americans are the luckiest people in the world. And I mean luckiest. I can show you. The current generation of Americans could never rebuild what’s been handed to us on a silver platter. All we can do alternate between chipping away at it and trying to minister to its manifold sickness.

Because we’re lucky, we have a hard time understanding. I’d like to help you understand the cost.

This is an American daughter, mine actually.
She looks a lot like an Iraqi daughter, I think.
Here are some more Iraqi children. All my life I’ve preferred to make points with words but I really think you don’t understand and words won’t do it for this. I’m sorry, but either way, you need to know and see more of it.

If you’re for the invasion of Iraq, okay. It’s hard to argue in absolute terms b/c the world would be a much better place if Iraq had a different government. Hussein has murdered thousands in horrific ways. But you damn well better understand the cost. This is on the bill that you are writing a check for right now. And if history is any teacher, these are just previews of what the cost is going to be in the end.
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