Happy Mother Fucker’s Day, Ted Winnen, you lobotomized prick

Sunday, 11 May 2003

You shot the biggest, most amazing looking grizzly that’s probably walked the earth in 2,000 years. For a photo and bragging rights. You would have had a lot more to brag about if you’d let that thing mosey on so the rest of us could see it animated and not propped up on a rock in a crappy picture you took home to have masturbation material on those nights your mom is indisposed.

Retraction [07/30/2003]

I was totally wrong and I owe Mr Winnen an apology and a beer. As one of the only decent Presidents in the last 100 years said, to justify criticism of his own proclivity to hunt (roughly paraphrased): Being shot and killed is a tremendously speedier and more humane end than most animals meet in the wild — where they either die of starvation or being eaten alive, as a rule.

He was right, even for trophy hunting, if it’s not a threatened or endangered animal. However, this same President is responsible for the “Teddy Bear” specifically because he once refused to shoot one as a stunt.

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Re: Happy Mother Fucker’s Day, Ted Winnen, you lobotomized prick

You were right the 1st time. Nature is nature. Does that bear look like he was starving? Maybe it had cubs that died because they were depending on this one for food. Who the hell are we to take a life...a gorgeous life - pathetic. I bet that picture is now a dust collector. I truly pray that Devine Retribution has caught up to you - maybe you lost a leg,an arm or some one you love.

By mariacnj on 11 September 2008 · 14:12