Discussion questions for your Bible study group, vol. 1

Wednesday, 6 August 2003

1. When Jesus says he will kill children in Revelation 2:23, whose children is he talking about?

2. Why did God kill all the non-Jewish first-born children in Egypt?

3. What do you think God’s reaction would have been if Abraham had refused to slaughter his son Isaac when God asked him to do so?

4. What kind of fruit did Eve damn mankind by eating? (Trick question! Hint: it wasn’t an apple.)

5. How many sons do you think Mary had (Acts 1:14, John 2:12)?

6. There are hundreds of jobs today that didn’t exist 2,000 years ago. Do you think Jesus would be a carpenter today? How would you rate the likelihood of the following alternatives: cabbie, janitor, programmer, plumber, sanitation engineer, telemarketer? What would it be like if Jesus worked in your office?

7. The New Testament glosses Jesus’ young adult years without any real description. Do you think Jesus ever had a girl-friend? Would you have liked to date Jesus? What kind of difficulties might arise from dating the son of God?

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