Letters from summercamp #4

Thursday, 14 August 2003

North Korea vs US. In games of chicken the psycho wins. It’s that simple. Whoever is crazier will win or, best case, both get hurt badly.

Why 9/11? William such-and-such Clinton, in the hopes of a Peace prize so his miserable tenure might amount to something in the history books (Cleveland who?), tries to break up a bar fight between Israel and Palestine. But they really wanted to fight. America gets a big fat shiner for getting between them.

A kid who used to thrash me at chess can’t, as an adult, seem to count to 255 and the world is paying for it this week.

I should probably seek legal counsel over the recent million dollar flap that I shouldn’t talk about but I told them not to do it and they insisted on doing it and now they’re getting sued. Listen to me. That’s my advice. I’m wrong now and then but you’re wrong every damn day.

There are 18 registered sex offenders in my zip code.

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