“Independence forever; Thomas Jefferson still survives”

Sunday, 17 August 2003

I couldn’t verify the quote but someone is quoting Noam Chomsky as saying, “Violence is to dictatorship as propaganda is to democracy.” It sounds enough like him that I don’t feel we need to dig up the radio program, whatnot, it came from. It sounds exactly like his type of reasoning. More of the brilliance that is MIT and modern philosophy.

Only the biggest asshole in the world could possibly attempt to equate dragging you out of your bed at 3am to beat, starve, and electrocute you for months culminated by shooting you in the face, with telling you that you aren’t happy if you don’t have an SUV and a color TV.


[Ed: a fact finding reader verified the gist but reports the real quote is worded differently: “Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to totalitarianism.”]

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