Will Rahill was an excellent Dungeon Master

Monday, 15 September 2003

At 14 we were acting out some pretty horrible stuff in RPGs. It was okay if you were playing Chaotic Evil; but that got old and I think there was a strong gravitational pull toward Lawful Neutral after all. Most of our best characters ended up there while most of the CE ones never got much past 5th level before they were boring, stuck, or dead.

One of the most memorable time wasters was throwing gold coins to peasants and enjoying the spectacle as they tore each other to pieces fighting for them. Man, what fun! What a great way to experience something dangerous and awful that could never happen in real life.

Today in Saint Petersburg, Florida some crazy bastard threw $10,000 to the peasants at a mall. At least twelve got hurt tearing into each other and six went to the hospital.

If I’d only known that being rich could have such great perks I would’ve worked harder all these years.

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