The last time we played chess I beat him

Thursday, 18 September 2003

Life is not one bit fair. I wish you wouldn’t disagree so quickly. I can prove it.

Apple stems and girls named Wendy. That’s practically an axiom.

Will used to intimidate me when we were kids. Not on account of any menacing behavior, mind you. He was just so smart, and so good looking, and so good at everything. His brother John was even better at everything. So with John I skipped the intimidation part and went to hating him. Now he’s flying or instructing in YF-22s or something b/c he went Top Gun from his pilot class and got to pick his assignment. Prick! How could he embarrass us all that way?

Will could juggle, throw knives, ride a 10 foot tall unicycle backwards with one foot, DM, build bombs and cannons, fix motorcycles, manufacture morning stars, and ski as well as I could. He used to beat my ass at chess all the time too.

I would’ve tried to hate him but he taught me to ride a unicycle and throw knives and he’d juggle and do inverted aerial ski maneuvers with me. What could I do?

Will’s mom ran the best Anglo restaurant in Taos. Cort’s dad cooked some award winning chile there as head chef, back in the day, I believe. Will got free food there. That was when New Mexico was the only place in the US you could get Blue Sky sodas. Got a restaurant meal everyday and a Blue Sky with it. How unfair is that? My old man is a doctor so I didn’t get free meals at a nice restaurant. I needed meals! I never needed a doctor once as a kid. I carried the same goddamn sack lunch for like 8 years. Lipton Instant Cream of Chicken soup and a sandwich.

It gets worse. By the time Will was in college he’d racked up something like $100,000 in medical bills from various sports related injuries. You can see how happy we both would’ve been to switch situations.

The last time we played chess I beat him. It wasn’t even remotely the last opportunity we had to play. I just refused to ever play him again.

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