Wednesday, 19 November 2003

That is my new reason for being. Angry. Being angry. I’m so mad, I can’t compose grammatical sentences.

2STF/1/4: is Apple Computer’s way of telling me that I’m fucked, burnt, that this is over, and I’m in the way. You see how mad I am? I’m plagiarizing!

You haven’t heard any news here of local nature hikes, reasons not to write about your politics while you own firearms and wish to renew your carry permit, or even anything fun about celebrities or trilobites — all because of 2STF/1/4:. All because of that buggy 10.2.8 update bringing 2STF/1/4: into my life.

When you come across it and Google brings you here looking for help at least you’ll know someone shared your pain. The local computer shop charged me $103 to tell me most of the programming work and email from the previous four months was gone along with the hard drive it lived upon. That was nice of them, don’t you agree?

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