Jobless rate hits realistic levels

Sunday, 30 November 2003

Your job title—when you had a job—was Internet Marketing and Strategy Program Manager. Or was it Vice President of Internal Communications? No it was Senior Manager of Information Architecture and Peer to Peer Systems, East Texas Region.

Why the hell would you assume that a reasonable marketplace would want to hire you to do such vapidly ludicrous clock-punching and back-slapping routine for $73,000 per annum plus stock, benefits, and all the expense reports you could get away with?

And the rest: Why the hell would you stay in any of the industries that Japan, South Korea, South America, China, Mexico, and India have been doing better and cheaper for almost 3 decades now? You had all the warning in the world. You had people walking around your block with sandwich boards printed, “Repent! The End is Near!” You had a severance package that would’ve lasted you through earning an associate technical degree if you’d been frugal. In short, you had the balls of Adam Smith on a silver platter and were arrogant enough to demand seconds.

When you can ask the world honestly, “What am I worth?” instead of flailing an arm in the air to get your chance to scream, “I deserve this and that…” When that happens… Ah, it’s all academic, I s’pose. Life isn’t that long.

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